10 most powerful and infamous hackers groups in the world right now

Hacking is a practice that is ideally used to find an innovative solution to any particular issues involving the internet. However, today it’s mostly utilized for establishing some kind of authority in front of the world or to enjoy personal gains.

Also, if you go by the news, you’d find that there are multiple active hacker groups from different regions in the world, who have taken down high profile or government websites. So take a look at this comprehensive list of some of the most influential and notorious hackers who have taken the world by storm with their heists.

  1. Morpho

Morpho, which is also identified as Wild Neutron, is a group that has carried through scores of high profile hacks since 2011 on several fields like pharmaceutical, technology, and investment. It’s unlikely that they are state-sponsored because they are known to extract insider information for monetary gain. They’ve hit Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter through a cyber attack technique called zero-day exploits.

Since this type of attack mostly goes unnoticed by the software vendor until the damage is done, they allow unfettered access to the hacker. This technique acts as a stark contrast to the DDOS technique that overloads server traffic for a certain span of time.

Morpho is specifically notable because they are reportedly a sophisticated small group. Some of the common attack technique they use is multi-staged command and control networks with encrypted virtual machines, multi-platform malware, and well-documented code. They are English speaking and known to be extremely efficient at hiding their whereabouts and wiping any traces of evidence.

  1. GlobalHell

This hacking group was founded by a street gang member named Patrick Gregory. The group is known to have destroyed a massive amount of data on 115 websites, which scales up to millions in damages.

Gregory was known to take an interest in computers to lead a life away from the street gang he was previously involved with. The modus operandi of his group of hackers is reportedly similar to that of the street gangs. The group reportedly announced the statement, “global hell will not die”, on the United States Army’s website. Gregory gave a statement admitting that he was responsible for causing$2.5 million worth of damages.

  1. The Hacking Team

Governments, private organizations, individuals, you name any notable establishment, this group has hacked it. The group has been active for nearly 16 years.

This group is originally a part of an Italian company that has allegedly sold spyware to 21 nations and has targeted several human rights activists and journalists. The group is possibly most infamous because of the secretive ways in which it operates, even within its own organization.

  1. Syrian Electronic Army

This hacking group is said to be of the Iranian origin and is famous for hacking the prominent political and news organizations of the west. The group came to exist days after the Syrian civil war began in 2011. The group primarily indulges in activities like cyber espionage, website defacement, and spamming. The group has so far targeted several reputable institutions like theAssociated Press, BBC News, Al Jazeera, The Washington Post, and so on.

The group had posted fake news from AP’s Twitter account stating that Barack Obama was injured, which led to a momentary drop in the Dow Jones index. SEA has even reportedly targeted the Facebook pages that are politically inclined including Obama’s page.

  1. LulzSec

This hacker group made its appearance in 2011 by infiltrating the Sony Pictures database. The first attack of the group was on the Fox website where it took down the website and modified the LinkedIn credentials of several employees. Many people considered them as pranksters or con artists, instead of proper hackers as the group left funny messages on the websites they hacked.

In June 2011, one of the members of the group was arrested who assisted the police in nabbing the other members. In July 2011, The group collaborated with other groups to hack the website of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

  1. Anonymous

Distinguished among the masses for their anti-ISIS stance while this group is inspired by the movie V for Vendetta and donned the Guy Fawkes masks.  Anonymous is an open group, which has its network in multiple parts of the world. They had declared themselves vigilante that stood against the injustice of all kinds and maintained a personality in Guy Fawkes masks.

They had hacked the Pentagon, gone against the Church of Scientology,  infiltrated Visa, MasterCard and PayPal for refusing payments to WikiLeaks, and also hacked several websites owned by ISIS. Many people from countries like USA, Australia, Netherlands, UK, Spain, and Turkey have been arrested for allegedly being a part of Anonymous. Some people believe Anonymous to be more of an idea than a hacking group.

  1. Tarh Andishan

TarhAndishan is a group of hacker that primarily operates in Iran, and consists of a group of 20 highly efficient hackers. According to the popular belief, the group was formed after the outbreak of the Stuxnet worm virus, which as per the claims made by Iran, was a collaborative effort by Israeli and US forces against them. Their activities can be recorded in multiple different areas of the world. “The group is said to harbor ambitions to control every web-based systems of the world”, noted Ted Flannagan, A data analyst working for Myassignmenthelp.com.

They have been known to take down many security systems and airline gates. However, their most infamous act is said to be Operation Cleaver, which is an operation targeting power stations, military and utilities, oil and gas, airlines, transportation, and hospitals. Nearly 50 institutions across 16 countries that include the USA, China, India, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Germany, and England have been affected by this campaign. Tarh Andishan adopts methods like self-propagating software, SQL injection attacks, backdoors, etc.

  1. AnonCoders

This group of hackers has emerged in 2015. The group generally targets anti-Islam websites and political groups and other government, semi-government, military and educational websites all across the globe. It attacked several French websites as a mark of protest against cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad that came out in the Charlie Hebdo Magazine.

Some of their popular techniques include defacements, denial of service attacks, database hijacking and leaks, admin panel takeovers, social media accounts and other methods. The group has vandalized websites in Israel, Europe, and the United States.

  1. mealworm

This group earned instant notoriety when they infiltrated the server of the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), Indian nuclear research institute. They left the website with an anti-nuclear message. Their logo comes with a tagline that says “putting the power back in the hands of the people”. They also wiped out all the data stored on the servers. This attack even received international coverage.

  1. Red Hacker Alliance

This group is unofficially the largest hacking associations in the world with more than 80,000 Chinese hackers. It reportedly was initiated by some youngster in 1998 and later collaborated with many other groups to broaden its reach. They had even reportedly planned to hack into CNN.com, but CNN got the whiff early on and took preventive measures.

Whatever their agenda was, these hacking groups have definitely influenced the history of cybersecurity, even at the cost of notoriety.

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