10 Tips in 2017 for a successful Ecommerce web SEO

Who doesn’t want to rank higher than competitors on google.

But not everyoneknows the tips and tricks to get higher ranking of ecommerce site on google search results.

Ecommerce is very competitive market and need a strong marketing strategy. You are not on top 3 position on first page you are probably missing out your sales.

This 8-minute article provides useful tactical tips and suggestion for stepping up your SEO game.

These days, getting website on first page isn’t enough. You must rank #1.

A study shows that “website ranked on top 3 place in search result get higher CTR.

In layman’s words, it means if you don’t have strong SEO for your website you are losing out your sales.

Do you want to learn how to rank your website? Read this article till end, and you will be on your way to become a SEO guru.

You ready?

Let’s do this.

Tips of ecommerce web:

  1. Check your robots.txt:

    Robots.txt file can completely stop organic traffic coming to your website store.

A simple



And boom, your website gone, complete lost. Keep eye on your robots.txt file.

Your robots.txt file also has many advantages to use these include…

  • You can protect your admin area
  • Prevent duplicate content to be crawl by google
  • Prevent google to access user account area.
  1. Set up structured data on product pages:

Google search console allow you to use stature data on product pages. This is one of the powerful feature for eCommerce.

These can include…

  • Reviews/Rating
  • Stock data
  • Price (incl. Currency)
  • Name of Seller
  • Condition of Product

John lewis is great example of statured data they use on their product pages.

  1. Avoid duplicate Content for Product Descriptions

It is very easy to copy and paste other content on your product description but you will end up with google penalty. Its best if you can write unique and quality content for each product page. At least write unique content for your category pages. Use no index tag on product page if you cannot write content for.

  1. Integrate a Blog

Blog is a great way to drive traffic on your website and create fresh, unique content for regularly post offers, tips, discounts on new and existing content and promote on social channels. Blog can establish a strong relationship with customers and internal backlinks to your product page.

  1. Tweak Your Meta Descriptions

Meta description play an important role in SEO industry. It plays major role in your CTR so don’t take it lightly. Ensure you have great and call to action meta description for your pages. It improves your traffic.

Your meta description should be:

  • Descriptive
  • Persuasive
  • The correct length.


  1. Set up google search console (formally webmaster):

Setup your web webmaster tool, do it now. And remember to check regular and monitor your crawl error, html improvement and particularly any notable drops in impressions.

It is super important you to keep eye on your WMT.

  1. Add Reviews:

According to me this should be a standard practice in ecommerce website. Many ecommerce website not using this in practice. But most of big retailers do this in regular basis. Amazon is one of the best example of product page reviews.

Reviews play a major role in customer decision making and give more assurance that the product is for them.

  1. Re-optimize your pages:

Google updates searchalgorithm on regular basis, trends come and go. Make sure you optimize you’reon-page time to time. Optimization is not a weekly or monthly task, but consider in every 3 to 5 days to quickly run back over them.

  1. Add Alt tag to your Images:

We all know that ecommerce web has high number of images. For example, you have 1k product on your website, with 3-5 photo per products. That’s will be around 3k to 5k images on your web. To utilize the alt tag, you can get your product images on google search results.

  1. Fix 404 error:

404 errors send a negative message to users as well as search engines. If someone landed on your 404 page there is chances that they will exit from your site and never come back.It increases your web bounce rate.

Now I have a question for you.

Do you want more tips?

If yes, check this post weekly I will update more tips in this article.

About the author:

Ashish Sharma is a Key Account Manager, looking after Marketing Strategies and building new business tie ups at WeDigTech – A Top Mobile App Development Company in Los Angeles California. Focused on helping enterprises StartUps from domestic to MNCs.


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