11 Evidence-Based Ideas to Get Better Google Ranking

Even if your business model is fantastic with the most innovative website design, it would not work if you do not have Search Engine Optimization for effective Internet marketing. Google has strict guidelines for search engine visibility of websites and you ought to adhere to these rules if you want your website to rank high.

Search Engine Optimization is principally a technique that helps you in bringing more visitors to your website, thereby enhancing the website traffic. The mathematics is simple – if your website gets displayed higher in Google search results, you are more likely to get more traffic and more conversions. Subsequently, it enhances your business too.

We are here with the top actionable ideas that can help you improve your Google ranking.

  1. Your titles, URL and descriptions should be user friendly

Google uses the title tag for displaying the web page in the search results. The same name is shown at the top of the browser too. Search spiders and users get the information about the page content through these tags. Make sure your titles are short and up to 70 characters so that they are displayed properly. It should be convincing enough for the website visitor.

Your URL is most important for Google to analyze the ranking of your web page. Therefore, it is very crucial for it to be simple so that the search spiders can easily search it. Moreover, it should be relevant to the topic and keywords too so that it falls in the right category.


  1. Publish Valuable and Pertinent Content

Content marketing is of utmost importance if you want to attract quality visitors and get more leads for your business. It also helps you to retain the existing customers. By providing valuable content, you can even acquire new customers.

Whether it is articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, slideshows, you can publish anything that fits in your industry and brand image. You should update it regularly to get more visitors and build your brand reputation.


  1. Optimize the Loading Time of Your Website

The speed of the website accounts as a significant factor for Google ranking. If your website is slow loading, you might not be able to generate enough traffic. It has been reported that fast-loading websites drive more sales, more subscribers, more clicks and more conversions. Your website visitor might not have the patience to wait till the page loads. 3 seconds is the maximum loading time for any website. Make sure your website follows these best practices to optimize the website loading time.


  1. Optimize large size image on your website.
  2. Avoid too many JavaScript files
  3. It is advisable to go for sprites rather than small images so that there are minimum http redirects.
  4. Your hosting provider must be fast
  5. Have a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service


  1. Employ Google authorship

The feature of Google authorship helps Google to understand how famous the author is. This can significantly boost your ranking on the search engine. Authors and webmasters get increased exposure as it will instill a sense of trust in the minds of the visitors, thereby generating more clicks for the page.

We recommend that you have an active Google+ profile and link it with your content for maximum visibility.


  1. Get Your Website Registered with Google Webmaster Tools

It is impossible to rank higher on Google if you do not register for Google Search Console tools. Even if you do not submit your website, Google is well aware of your website. Therefore, it is better to complete the registration procedure and get the basic configurations done, after you thoroughly study how to use the webmaster tool.

In case the tools encounter something wrong with your website, you will receive a notification about the errors. You can then have a look at the number of index pages, the incoming links, search queries, internal links and crawl errors.


  1. Evaluate your present Google ranking

You should know your current ranking if you want to get a better one. You should use SERPs.com to know the keyword rank for your website. Mention the keyword and the site URL on that website and it will tell you the keyword rank. It also offers you advanced choices like determining the rank based on location and device. Also, check the website health with the help of Domain Health Report tool that allows you to know problems of blacklisting, mail server, web server, DNS, and other miscellaneous issues.

  1. Mobile-Responsive Website is a Must

According to studies, people make 60% of the searches on mobile devices with a constant rise in this number. Hence, it is of paramount important that your website is mobile-responsive and facilitates navigation on small screens.


  1. Minimize the Use of Flash

If your website uses Flash, it is quite likely that your search engine rankings are low. It is better to use WordPress as Content Management System instead of Flash.


  1. Try to Build Natural Links

Your website’s natural links, viz organic and quality inbound links influence your Google ranking. According to these links, Google analyzes the authenticity of your website based on the recommendations by third parties. Keep a constant check on the growth of these links if you want to enhance your ranking on Google search engine.


  1. Track Your Progress

To determine the effectiveness of your Search Engine Optimization, you need to watch on your progress through Alexa, Google toolbar and the like. Moreover, you should keep an eye on the referral log too. This would inform you about the source of website visits in addition to the search terms that are working.

  1. Have the necessary security tools

It is a must to have SSL Certificate and HTTPS protocol for your website so that the confidential information of your visitors remains secure. Your ecommerce website should invariably have these security tools so that all the transactions remain safe and there is no security mitigation. Cheap SSL Shop is one of the most reliable platforms to purchase these certificates.


As the digital world is rapidly expanding, your website ranking has to be up to the mark on Google. If you are missing out on executing these 11 strategies, do it straight away to leverage your website’s potential.


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