15 Hidden Features of macOS Mojave You Didn’t Know About

Are you crazily in love with the Apple products and especially when it comes to the iconic Mac OS? Well, with the company previewing the next version of its operating system, things have simply become more exciting for the users, as it brings in a lot of interesting features along with amazing updates. From the latest upgrades like the Dark Mode giving Mac a new look altogether to the Dynamic Desktop offering an all-new Mac experience; it seems that you’ve got enough reasons to fall in love with the OS, all over again.

Hold your horses though! There’s more to it than what you’ve known so far. There are a few more features that the company hasn’t talked about. However, a quick look at the Beta version has helped me to discover those additional features of the macOS Mojave, coming your way soon. Here’s everything you should know about.

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  1. An expanded set of permission controls

A quick glance at the privacy settings of the mac OS impressed me with its additional set of permission controls that comes as an update in the all-new Mojave. Henceforth, all websites and applications will be required to ask for your permission before using the Mac microphone and the camera. This is something crucial and an update worth appreciating, as far as the aspects of privacy and an advanced user experience are concerned.

  1. Attractive and more advanced lock screen

This is again a Mojave feature to watch out for! The latest update comes with an advanced and more attractive lock screen. You will be able to see bigger icons. In addition to it, the wallpapers in the lock screen are expected to shift in accordance with the time of the day. Now isn’t it amazing? It surely is!

  1. Enhanced audio editing options in Mojave

Your very own QuickLook is about to become smarter, more exciting and resourceful. The application will allow the users to enjoy enhanced editing options for the audio files. Even though the option for video editing was always there, now, with the advancements made in the field of audio editing is likely to impress and rope in more users in the near future.

  1. Favicons support in the Safari tabs

As part of the latest update, you will be amazed to know that the company has finally added support for the Favicons in the Safari tab. This feature is kept hidden in the Safari preferences. To activate the feature, you need to navigate to the preferences present in Safari, and turn on the “Show website icons in tabs” options. Once activated, you will be able to find all the favicons from your website, displayed on the tabs.

  1. The all-new emoji selector feature

This is yet another exciting and crucial update that the all new macOS Mojave has got for you in store. The Mojave version has included an emoji selector option in the mail. This is probably going to make things much easier for the users in terms of getting an access to all the latest emojis offered by macOS. In addition to it, the feature allows you to search emojis by keyword, thus, making the entire process much faster and convenient to deal with.

  1. iCloud Keychain has got Siri for password support

The list of exciting add-ons doesn’t seem to end, isn’t it? The iCloud Keychain will now offer a better access, with advancements brought in the field of information security. You can now have Siri to back you up. It will pull preferences in Safari on asking it to show you your password. You can then confirm access with the Touch ID, or by simply entering the password.

  1. More accent colors to choose from

Even though Apple has already made a mark of excellence with its two iconic accent colors in the form of blue and graphite, things are about to get more interesting this time. The Mojave update brings to you a set of six additional accent colors; green, orange, yellow, red, purple, and pink.

  1. Redesigned FaceTime User Interface

The Mojave update brings to you a redesigned FaceTime user interface as well. You will get to see a new toolbar appearing in the bottom left-hand corner of the application. The latest update will allow you to enter full screen, open a sidebar, shut off the camera, and mute the microphone. The sidebar support might just prove to be helpful for people using the FaceTime application for group chats and the likes. They will be able to see who else has joined the chat.

  1. Find software updates directly in the settings

The Mojave users will be able to find all software updates directly in the “settings”. Mojave breaks the stereotype of visiting the Mac App Store to find out information regarding software updates. Simply visiting the “System Preferences” will help them to know about it, in a much easier and faster way.

  1. The Dock in Mojave shows recently used apps

The Dock, in its latest version of the OS, gets the feature of an app divider. This means the Dock will now be able to display all recently used apps on the screen. Thus, it is likely to help the users by making things easier for them in terms of getting back a quick access to all the recently used applications and folders.

  1. Your favorite DVD Player app receives an update too

Taking a closer look at the DVD Player app you make you realize that it has been updated with an AppleKit. Moreover, the application is now 64 bit, along with the availability of a Touch Bar support. And in addition to it, the app gets an all new optical disk icon as well.

  1. The autofill security code feature is amazing

Talking of the helpful features hidden in Mojave, this one certainly gets a special mention. The latest version of the Mac OS will now allow its users with the autofill feature, making things smarter and much easier for them to carry on with. In a world where information security has become a major concern for most of the companies and services, this is one feature which is likely to help the Apple users experience something smarter than before. The best part? There’s don’t need to copy paste the security codes manually anymore.

  1. Explore more about your files

Whether it’s a student who’s looking for a file containing all saved notes for the purpose of homework help or a working individual looking for a series of official documents and the likes, the latest OS will make things much easier henceforth. From using Stacks to clean up your desktop to checking out all the files with their metadata components in a new and improved Gallery View in Finder, Mojave seems to have geared up with all sorts of latest advancements in store.

  1. The quirky “mess up your desktop” feature

This is both bizarre and interesting at the same time. As part of the latest development, Apple has added this feature to the operating system where the “mess up your desktop” command will randomly scatter all files across your desktop. Well, I am yet to figure out the purpose though!

  1. Friendly new interface for screenshots

The user-friendly interface in Mojave will allow you to use an all-in-one floating palette for screenshots. You can select the entire screen, or a window, and change the default folder and use it for saving screenshots, all in one place.

Well, now that you’re already aware of the exciting add-ons that were kept secretly hidden in the Mojave update, it’s time to leverage the potential of each of these newly added features, all set to retain your trust on the OS.


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