2017’s Top Photo Editing Applications That You Should Checkout

Over the last couple of years, mobile photography has gained the huge popularity in the market as there are enormous mobile photo editing applications that made clicking and editing some of the beautiful pictures a lot easy. Today, everyone is looking forward to adding those little tweaks to make their photos attractive,

There are a range of applications that can do just that and those apps can give a huge impact on your photos from cool filters, to being able to repackage your images into clever collages. Below are some of the most widely demanded photo editing apps that every newbie and serious photography buffs like.

Let’s Have a Look at Top Photo Editing Apps of 2017


Snapseed is the most widely used photo editing application for professionals by Google. Stuffed with a comprehensive range of features, the application has 26 different tools and filters, comprising healing, brush, structure, HDR, perspective and more.

Beyond some of the common editing applications, the app has powerful curves tool; filters can be tweaked and fine-tuned, as can text placement. The app opens JPG and DNG files and uses the stack to re-adjust edits later. It also comes with some of the selective filter brush and all styles can be tweaked with fine and precise control.

Exclusive Features of the App:

  • Use the stack to re-adjust edits later
  • Selective Filter Brush
  • All Styles can be tweaked with fine and precise control
  • Magically brings out surface structures in images
  • Rotate by 90° or straighten a skewed horizon

Adobe Photoshop Fix

When it comes to talking about the best photo editing applications, Adobe Photoshop Fix will always secure its place as it is the most powerful and easy-to-use image retouching and restoration app.

The application heals, smooth, liquefy, lighten and make other edits and adjustments, which will give you the precise look you are after.

Within other Adobe mobile and desktop apps by signing into Adobe Creative Cloud to further refine them or use them in other creative projects – it’s all powered by Adobe CreativeSync. Using tools of this app, you can retouch and restore photos that give you the exact look, structure and feel you want.

A Wide range of Features of Adobe Photoshop Fix:

  • Liquify — Push, pull, rotate, swell or reshape any area to create subtle or drastic effects.
  • Lighten and darken — Add or remove the light from specific parts of a photo.
  • Heal and patch — Fix imperfections using content from surrounding areas and then blend the result.
  • Face-aware Liquify – Make dramatic edits to facial features. Create a bigger smile, slim down those cheeks or edit other facial points with remarkable ease.
  • Defocus — Blur part of a photo to draw attention to your key subject.

Prisma: the AI-assisted artist

Prisma is an application that is known for its complex neural networks. And the application applies artistic flourishes to images taken or uploaded by users. This high-end application has been exploded into the scene. However, the nine people’s team behind Prisma hails from Russia and has been touring Silicon Valley to promote the application.

The application amazingly transforms your photos into artworks using different styles of popular artists like Munk, Picasso and world famous ornaments and patterns. The exclusive combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps people to turn memorable moments into timeless art.

Wide Range of Features of the App:

  • Fast Sharing
  • Modern Art Filters
  • Ability to Turn Your Photos into Awesome Artworks
  • Stunning Photo Effects


Polarr is the most popular application that used by the world’s most professional photographer groups as the application delivers advanced auto-enhance tools and classy filters to edit every detail of your photos.

Equipped with enormous features, the application’s interface is well designed in the adjustments section, simply tap a tool and plentiful configuration buttons slide out for tweaking all kinds of settings.

The application offers some of the excellent and advanced auto-enhance tools and sophisticated filters to edit every detail of your photo:

  • Customizable toolbars and workspace
  • Multiple Local and brush adjustments
  • Complete set of color masking and brushing tools
  • Develop, customize and share your own filters


Now, you can change your pictures in smartphones and make them look like they are clicked on any Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras. Using PhotoDirector, you can enhance your landscape images and develop a professional quality artwork from an ordinary photograph.

On this holiday season, you can use the photo frames of this application, filters, and effects to add a touch of festive magic to your pics. It combines a feature-rich photo editor with a richly creative collage maker, which allows you to adjust RGB with a visual histogram.

Enormous Features of PhotoDirector App:

  • The user can adjust HSL sliders and RGB color channels in the photo to easily colorize your shots or correct tough white balance problems.
  • Tweak saturation for the most vivid image possible.
  • Easily Adjust Tone with Brightness, Darkness, Exposure and Contrast Sliders
  • Apply photo effects both globally or to specific regions of your pictures


The most powerful perspective and lens correction tool ‘SKRWT’ is widely used app that crafted to help users to improve your best smartphone photos in just a few taps, v.1.3 of SKRWT is now better than ever. With enormous features and inspiring in-app extensions MRRW and 4PNTS, this high-end application is the go-to editing tool for photography enthusiasts.

Moreover, the application also bundles two further tools, including MRRW skews photos and develops mirror images. It comes with various other features that are mentioned below:

  • 4PNTS: With 4PNTS, the good folks at SRKWT re-thought perspective correction workflows and put together a new must-have extension.
  • MRRW: The app shows four high precision mirror effects in this unmatched mirroring tool for your smartphone.
  • It helps uncover the hidden symmetry in your best shots and enables you to find new creative and artistic freedom.

So, these are the top mobile photo editing applications that will continue to get the attention of users in 2017 as well. These applications have made editing a lot easier yet simpler, so downloading any of these apps in your smartphone can reduce your hassle of editing.

If you also have your own unique app idea, you can get in touch with the most trusted mobile app development company that already worked on photo editing applications.


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