5 Most Useful Facts and Stats about Mobile Application Development

Today, 90 percent of all mobile phone users hold smartphones in their hands. Anyone who uses these phones will be used to the idea of using apps that operate on these devices. As more and more apps are being used, people have come to rely on them due to the convenience they offer. With this trend growing rapidly, businesses too now make it a point to have their own app through which they can facilitate their customers and deliver more value.

Android, iOS and Windows are the preferred platforms used for developing and running mobile applications. Regardless of the platform you may use, there are some facts and statistics that encompass all the mobile platforms used. Some of these are given below:

  • You don’t need to be tech savvy to use an app. An app should be easy to understand and use, so that even a novice can use it.
  • As a mobile app development Los Angeles, you should be ready for competition.
  • Your app doesn’t have to be perfect with your first release. It’s common that you will have to test your app even after you launch. Although it would be best to get rid of all the bugs first.
  • Your app must not be slow no matter what device it runs on.
  • You must be ready for advancements and the fact that you may need to transform your app depending on the competition as well as user needs.

Here are some interesting statistics about mobile app development:

  1. The number of free apps downloaded for mobile devices:
  • In 2012 was 57.33 billion
  • By 2017, the figure is expected to cross 253.91 billion

With the right kind of marketing around, the apps get popularized when word of mouth goes around faster and when friends meet. The mammoth increase that is predicted by 2017 is not surprising because the app development business will expand the industry. There will be better apps produced, and the current ones will need to be upgraded if it has a decent following.

  1. The number of paid apps downloaded for mobile devices:
  • In 2012 was 6.65 billion
  • By 2017, this number is expected to reach 14.78 billion.

Just like free apps will be downloaded increasingly, paid apps will be downloaded in increasing numbers too. This is because those who are not used to having ads in their faces all the time will certainly want apps without ads. Moreover, it can be said that more paid apps will be downloaded since many users get quite irritated when ads are presented.

  1. The number of free and paid apps downloaded on mobile devices:
  • In 2012 was 57.33billion (free apps) and 6.65 billion (paid apps)
  • By 2016, the number of free apps downloaded is expected to reach 211.31billion

As you can see, the number of paid and free apps downloaded will increase in years to come, and this is because there is a market for both types.

  1. The number of mobile apps downloaded for devices:
  • In 2009 was 2.52 billion
  • By 2017, is expected to cross 268.69 billion

Again, with these statistics, we can easily see a huge climb in the number of mobile apps being downloaded, which will run into more than 250 billion dollars.

  1. Additionally, global mobile app revenues:
  • In 2012 were worth 18.56 billion US $
  • By 2017, this is expected to cross 76.52 billion US $

Based on the statistics above, you can easily see where the app industry is heading. There is absolutely no doubt, based on the encouraging statistics, that app development is going to increase further and perhaps more and more industries will be revolutionized because of this. This is based on the fact that every business seems to be keen on developing a smart app solution that is user friendly and innovative, and will not just stun their customers, but also serve them well.

With apps being known to retain customers and attract even more users, business revenue can increase many times over. Businesses interested in building their own apps are already aware of these statistics and they will certainly want to harness any opportunities they see available. In fact, prior to going for developing a mobile app, it is likely that most companies will conduct a proper analysis of the possible gains.

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