5 new features to change the technology of the world

There are some new features coming in the world of contemporary technology, which will keep the revolution impact on technology. Many Features such as Offline Lock-down Tracking from Android’s Face Authentication feature, are coming to the real practice. Let’s talk about some of the new software features that take effect in the technology of the world:

IPhone’s Offline Location Tracking: This feature will be relieved for people leaving mobile phones. This will be the feature of tracking the iPhone in the upcoming IOS 13 of the app. This feature will be named – FIND ME.

Android’s Face Authentication: Google has released the Beta 4 version of Android’s upcoming operating system Andrew Q. Many features of Q also include Face Authentication feature. It would be possible to sign in to make money or you can buy from the internet online shop, with the help of this feature anyone can spend their money to shop and can transfer it. This will be like the face id of the app.

Speedometer on Google Maps: Google Map is the world’s most used navigation application. Speedometer on a Navigation screen of the new feature coming into it Apple Drive for Access: Apple has also announced the iPod operating system recently. This is a new user interface for ipad, which is built like a laptop. Homestead is not only in this operating system but also the screen can be used simultaneous with multi-task experience. Also, a USB drive or SD card cannot be connected to iPod directly. Adding to C-C port can be used directly on those devices.


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