5 Tips For Staying Organized And Productive In University

Success is difficult to achieve when you don’t have the right tools on your side to help you. From learning to be a bit more organized with your notes to finding help on how to make the most of your time and become a bit more productive, there are a plethora of ways university students go about succeeding in their courses. This article will outline a few tips on how to better manage your time, stay aware of your due dates, and suggest a few apps that can help you through the process.

  • Create an effective schedule

The first step to succeeding at your studies is by creating an effective schedule that will guide you through the day. Without having some sort of idea how your day will pan out you can easily become overwhelmed and not give yourself enough time to do all the things you need to, such as work on an essay or have a well-needed study session. A simple way to plan out your schedule is with a calendar app such as Planner Pro – Daily Calendar that offers a daily breakdown and overview of all your scheduled events. You can also opt to use the calendar already available on your smartphone, but often they aren’t very detailed and can leave you needing a bit more organization, especially if your weekdays are jam packed.

  • Have a daily to-do list

Once you have a weekly schedule planned out and you know exactly what you’ll be doing every day and for how long it is then important to have a daily to-do list prepared so that you don’t forget to complete any important tasks. By listing out everything you need to get done for the day you have less of a chance of forgetting smaller tasks and also making sure to make the most all the free time you have between classes. An app that can help with creating your to-do list is Productive – Habit Tracker. Not only does it keep track of your tasks, but also helps you set goals, such as going for a run or preparing healthy meals for the day.

  • Back-up your notes often

When it comes to staying productive and organized the most noticeable factor is efficiently storing your notes and other school documents to ensure that all your important information stays safe. By backing up your notes often, either on an external hard drive or by storing them in a virtual data room that can be accessed from your phone via an app, you can rest assured that if your laptop every crashes your notes will still be saved for you to study from. Saving important and confidential information on a VDR app, such as Firmex’s, means that you can take it with you everywhere you go and can access it whenever you need to without worry.

  • Give your mind a break

After long hours at school, studying and constantly working on assignments, it’s useful for your productivity levels to give your mind a well-needed break. This can be in the form of taking a few days off to just relax or by practicing morning meditation so that you can clear your head before another hectic school day begins. Headspace: Guided Meditation offers this support from the comfort of your phone so that you can take a few minutes out of the day just for yourself and your mental well-being.

  • Have a good night’s rest

Finally, the most important way to stay organized and productive during a stressful school year is by making sure you are getting a good night’s rest so that you can recharge your mind and body to take on the next day. Sleep Cycle alarm clock helps to determine when the best hours are for you to sleep based on your habits and REM cycle tracking. With this app you can better understand the amount of sleep you need and when in order to feel rejuvenated the next morning and capable of handling your busy schedule.


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