6 Fun Travel Accessories For Your Next Trip

We all travel at some point or the other and in today’s globalized world, nothing really is too far away. Travelling comes with its share of fun and excitement but a trip is bound to get bland if you don’t have the right travel accessories at your disposal. While some accessories provide you personal comfort, others help reduce the burden of your weight and help you pack lightly.

The market today is filled with a variety of options to choose from but every traveller has his/her own needs which cannot be overlooked. The last thing you need is travelling with something that you don’t even have the need for. So how do you ensure that you carry the right accessories with you when you are out travelling? Below is a list of 6 fun travel accessories every traveller needs to have in their arsenal on their next trip:

  1. The Meyong Adjustable Airplane Hammock:
    The Meyong Adjustable Airplane Hammock is just the coolest and hip accessory in the market right now. This foot hammock is great for kids as well as adults and weighing at 8 X 2 X 2 inches, its lightweight and portable enough to be carried anywhere. If you are on a plane, all you need to do is hook the hammock around the tray table of the airplane and adjust its straps to the length of your legs.
  2. Bose Quiet Comfort 35:
    Nothing beats boredom in a trip quite like a pair of headphones. Bose has been at the forefront of music tech and the QuietCgoof comfort 35 is the latest iteration of a quiet noise canceling headphone. Clean and crisp audio is what you can expect from the QC 35 and what better way for an audiophile than a good pair of Bose headphones in his/her bag. The QC35 comes with a host of good functions that can read out notifications, voice-activated controls and much more. If you are looking for more of such interesting review on travel accessories, then be sure to visit savvyexpeditioner.
  3. XSPROFIX Travel Espresso Maker:
    How about carrying a coffee maker along with you on your next trip? Well, as crazy as it might sound, you can now carry your own espresso maker with you. While you can always enjoy coffee at your hotel or a café in town but nothing beats the taste of your own brewed coffee. The XSPROFIX comes in a standard flask size with a built-in rechargeable heating element. This means you don’t even need a kettle of hot water to start your coffee making endeavour. All it takes is 10-12 minutes of standard time to bring your water to temperature with the XSPROFIX. The battery is enough to make 100 cups of coffee on a single charge. Interesting enough?
  4. Nomatic Travel backpack:
    Luggage and suitcases can only carry so much of your belongings and of course, you don’t want to be stuffing every last thing you need in your luggage and making it a living nightmare when you need them quickly. An alternative? The Nomatic Travel Backpack that is made from a high graded long lasted materials with lockable zips to make it theft proof. The bag is water resistant with a unique built-in compartment that can accommodate everything from your clothes, laptops, sunglasses, water bottles and much more. There is also space for keeping your important things and delicate items. A bag worth checking out.
  5. Air Deck: Travel playing cards:
    Nothing sounds better than having a deck of travel playing cards to beat the blues. This is a necessary staple for every hostel common room, big groups, and families. These PVC coated cards are waterproof and are resistant to tearing. Bending and staining. The Air Deck stack of cards measures 3.4 X 1.3 inches, portable enough to carry anywhere.
  6. Snap’s video recording glasses:
    Snap chat’s parent company called Snap Inc has managed to fit your camera in your glasses. A pair of sunglasses that can record, capture and upload all your 10 seconds clip in a jiffy. The glasses come in three different shades, black, teal, and coral. The glasses have a 115-degree field view which lights up when one is taking and recording videos. For all snap chat users out there, this is practically a miracle come true.

So, there you have the 6 best fun and hip gadgets that you can take forth with you on a trip. Be sure to check them out.


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