6 Useful Facts You Should Know About Home Security

Being a homeowner, you should be aware of how important it is to consider installing home security systems as a way of protecting your property, as well as your family’s safety. There is nothing you would regret more than just skimming through an article like this and not entirely taking the facts into consideration. There is certainly not a better time than now to start putting these home safety implementations into place, if you haven’t already done so!

Here are six useful facts that a homeowner would be silly not to know about home security and the ways they can avoid becoming a victim of burglary, as well as preventing damage from a home fire.

  1. Inactivity in the home

Burglars usually commit their crimes when they see hours of inactivity in a home. They then try to enter into the house or break in with the thought that no one is at home. The majority of burglaries occur during the summer especially when the homeowners go for holidays or travel abroad. Therefore, to stop such crimes from happening, homeowners should install CCTV systems that will help them monitor activities going on in their homes. Additionally, having an intruder alarm system is paramount to alert law enforcers once you see an intruder from your monitor. Burglars in most cases will avoid breaking into homes with CCTV cameras due to fear of being recorded or identified.

  1. Doors and Windows

Burglars enter through unlocked doors or windows 30% of the time. This includes the front door, back door, or the garage door. Windows that are left open especially during the warm season tend to attract passersby. Most homeowners do not act with care on windows that are broken and this serves as entry way for burglars. Therefore, it is always important to lock all doors and windows especially those that are out of your sight when you are at home and lock all of them when you leave. During summer for instance, it may be hard to always lock the windows and therefore, you should have it set to open to only a few inches. Alternatively, one can install window-break alarms.

  1. Fire Safety

Every year, more than 3,000 deaths are reported from fire related issues while the injuries are close to 18,000. Most of these fires are usually started in the kitchen due to poor usage of cooking and heating equipment. Other statistics show that half of the fires happen at night when people are asleep. In this case, most of the deaths are caused by inhalation of smoke. These fires could not happen if proper fire safety practices were put in place. Home dwellers should install smoke alarms in every room within the house and the basement as well. One should test the systems regularly to check if they are functional and change the batteries if they are not. These fire prevention and protection systems will give one a chance to escape death caused by fires or better yet put out the fire if possible.

  1. Neighborhood watch

Home burglary occurs in every 15 seconds and about 65% happen during the day when people are at work. A burglar can break into a house more than once especially if the homeowners are not around. An unattended lawn, stuffed mailbox, or lights that have been off for several days are clear indications that no one is at home and this attracts burglars. 25% of these crimes are committed by people who live not more than 2 miles from your home and this means they are aware of your whereabouts. Therefore, homeowners should have a functioning CCTV system which they can monitor remotely. They should also be able to monitor their alarm systems by turning it on when they see an intruder from the CCTV. The lights should also be turned off and on remotely but it is important to ensure that you do not share with everyone that you are not at home because this will not be as effective. Ample lighting will tend to keep an intruder away even when nobody’s at home. Hiring a security guard to control physical access to your home while you are away will also be of great importance.

  1. Storing items in Safe Places

85% of the burglars are inexperienced teenage males and therefore they are more dangerous. Once they break into the house or gain easy access through unlocked doors, the first place they go to is the master bedroom. They are usually looking for expensive jewelry, cash or any valuable items that can be hidden in the master bedroom. An average burglar will take about 8 minutes going through your things looking for important items. This is very risky because most homeowners perceive the master bedroom as the safest place to hide guns, extra keys, garage door remote, electronics, laptops and other valuable items. To avoid being in such scenarios, it is important to put such items in a safe place and not obvious places. This will help avoid having your car among the 2 that are stolen every minute.

  1. Wireless Systems

25% of the burglars cut alarm and telephone wires before breaking in. This therefore means that the homeowner will not be able to ring the alarm or call the police once they notice they are under attack. For this reason therefore, homeowners are advised to install wireless alarms, CCTV cameras, and telephone lines because there are no wires to be cut and thus more effective in keeping a burglar away.

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