7 tips to increase your sales skills

Believe it or not, your brain is programmed in such a way that your sensory perceptions come to you much sooner than your own thoughts, so they are the first to determine our choices. When it comes to selling, your product takes second place because your prospects will be convinced by the way you communicate with them. It is not only about what is sold, but who and how it is sold.

Here are seven tips to increase your sales skills based on communication tools:

Take care of your physical appearance

No, it’s not just about dressing well. Physical appearance is very important because it talks a lot about our self-esteem and how we perceive ourselves. When I talk about taking care of your appearance, I mean the importance of sleeping well, eating healthy and exercising constantly. It will be difficult to sell personal care products with dark circles and gaunt faces. When you sell, you sell stories and testimonials too, what better than to share yours through a healthy lifestyle.

Create sales based on lasting relationships

No one likes customers who only buy once. The best sales are based on lasting relationships. To achieve this, it is important to understand that when products or services are sold, experiences are also sold. Think about creating strategies for people to remember you and use you as a reference to others. Will your customers feel appreciated when they enter your store? Do you think your products really improve their quality of life? After a sale Are you in charge of letting them know that they matter to you much more than their money?

Study your body language

One of the best strategies to better understand our body language is to record ourselves full body while we speak. You will be surprised to discover the differences between what you think you communicate and what you really project. Your gestures and the position of your hands and legs could well make you look like a self-confident person who trusts your product, or someone shy and nervous, who doesn’t even believe in heart what they are selling.

Modulate your voice

The human being is extremely noticeable. Imagine how disastrous it is to be attended by a telephone agent who has beaten you. Or how difficult it is to understand when someone speaks so fast that it seems that they charge for the seconds. The voice is very powerful, and being able to control pitch, speed, and gaps between words can make the difference to cement a sale. If you are going to talk about an exciting experience, use a high tone with a high volume. If it is about creating empathy through a serious topic, it will be best to use a lower tone at a not so fast speed. The best speakers are experts in modulating their voice, and if you want to be the best salesperson you will have to learn from them.

Understand the power of physical contact

When used without harassment or harassment, physical contact is one of the most impactful human interactions. Just think about how nice it is to receive a caress, or how warm a hug can be. When it comes to business these gestures might be awkward and inappropriate, but a firm handshake or a pat on the shoulder will suffice to create empathy and a more natural environment with your customers. Now it is important to be cautious and careful with physical contact. In the wrong context it could get you into serious trouble.

Conquer your prospects with a smile

The smile is perhaps one of the most important gestures in human communication. Evolutionarily it is equal to the retraction of the lips that the primates show between them when they seek to avoid a confrontation. However, in the human environment it is customary to exaggerate and fake it. If you’re not in the mood, it’s much better to be transparent and commit to giving good care despite it. To be honest, the only advice to follow when it comes to smiling is this: If you smile, never deny it, unless you are at a funeral.

Be authentic

Being what you sell is not just a cliché. It means getting to know yourself better and being aware of the importance of being better people to be better sellers. Keep product vision in your mind. Learn to use communication tools to your advantage not to play dirty, but to better promote those ideas, products, services and projects that could transform your life and that of others.