A must-read list of Retail innovation trends

The last two years have proven how humankind can adapt to the changing conditions. It is during the same period we saw tremendous growth in influencer marketing, online shopping, eCommerce, small scale and retail businesses.

 Many individuals quit their well-paying jobs and started retail businesses. Retail eCommerce gave the much-needed boost for the entrepreneurs to invest in their store. The audience these days prefers to support small businesses then choose brands.

 It has led to innovation in retail. Here are some of the latest innovations you need to refer to improve your business,

 The eCommerce Grocery

 Consistent lockdowns and work from home options dramatically increased grocery consumption. And people preferred to shop for groceries online than to run to a nearby brick-and-mortar store. Did you know why Instacart became a massive success in North America?

 Because they offer same-day delivery services to all their customers ordering online. Thus surpassing their competitors such as AmazonFresh by having the order volume by over 500%!. As the public’s shopping habits change, so should your advertising strategies as a retail owner.

 The New Shopping Experience

 Now, let’s take a step back and look at the shopping experience as a whole. Social media websites like Facebook and Instagram have become a breeding place for all small scale businesses. Even the audience finds it easier to communicate to the owner through DM’s and place the order directly. 

 They don’t have to visit any website or search for the products individually. Advertising on social media sites is also easier, because you post the product’s images or video as content. The more creative your content is, the more people are attracted to your page. And the audience can also find the reviews right in the comment section.

 Personal shopping experience

 Another way to improve the audience’s shopping experience is through emails. Email marketing is one of the top marketing techniques that seldom has any failure rate. Here you communicate with hundreds (if not thousands) of people, but individually!

 Curate content that suits best for each of your demographic and start sending them emails. You don’t even have to worry about finding the correct email addresses. Email search engines like GetEmail.io help you find any number of email addresses within seconds. Its Gmail extension lets you search email contacts right from your Inbox page! Thus, answering the question about “how to find someone’s email address“.

 The Video Content

 We see numerous unpackaging and must try videos online, don’t we? It is because we want to understand how the product actually is. From the retailer’s perspective, creating video content with the online influencers is the best bet to get audiences to buy the item.

 With many physical stores closing, people are turning online to know about the details of the product. When an influencer they like speaks about this product and engages with it, the audience is much more intrigued to buy it. Hence, the rise of influencer marketing helps you with better sales.

 Final thoughts

 The audience is interested in raw and natural content to learn more about the products. So instead of investing heavily in the grandeur of advertising, follow these simple steps above and improve your sales!

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