About us

We Network Lovers is very conscious about what we plan edit and publish the article in the web.  We collect more than a few categories of data from our users. We ensure that all of the article in our blog are right to be read and share in any of the social media. We have very specialized team who usually perform there task on content writing and testing it’s actual depth and style of the article.

However Network-Lovers helps you to get the latest trending technology knowledge and perform advisable task for any readers.

We collect users’ personal information during the registration process and in some areas of our portal where users provide necessary information. We make use of this information only for feedback and editorial purposes. There is no need to give personal information to access our portal and read our technology news.

In general, our users have given their name, address, email address and phone number.  We may collect your personal information from other portals and add this information to your personal information in our portal.

Once we have collected your personal information, we access and use this information to enhance our portal online as per your feedback and other promotional purposes. We are attentive to collect information to know how people use our portal. For example, we focus on what kinds of documents are viewed and what pages are visited by users.

We get an overview from this information and make necessary changes in our portal to give you a personalized user experience every time.  We use your personal information to contact you directly and make clear your doubts about any technology news revealed in our portal.

Admin: Binit Satyal

Email : binits10@gmail.com