All about 5G technologies

What is all about 5G technologies?

The revolution of super fast data transfer and services are making it much easier for operation. The new inclusion is the 5G Technology which is named as the next generation of internet connectivity. The best feature of it is unbelievable broadband speed, more capability and function to run at any place without drop in its performance. The connectivity won’t bother or get hampered with the number of individuals who are connected at the same time. The 5G technology has been rightly compared with electricity as it will be lightning fast.

Do we really need it?

The edge that internet users will be getting with 5G Technology is the speed and it is believed to be within the range of10Gbps and 100Gbps. Presently the 4G technology is running and it is capable of 40ms and 60ms which is not enough or sufficient to provide you real time responses. The best of multiplayer gaming which require low latency can be best enjoyed with such technology, the server responds instantly making it easy enough to operate. With so many technological gadgets and equipment around the strain on bandwidth will just grow, this particular technology will be of great help. The initial idea of this technology was to allocate bandwidth based on the application, more or less.

When is it available?

The 5G Technology is expected by the year 2020 and the application for the technology will start by 2022 or 2023. However another two to three years’ time will be required for consumes to access the facility. The technology will make use of high radio frequencies then the present one as well as spectrums that are held by present mobile networks. However everything is on the experimental stage and it is believed to be something which is beyond expectations.

What are its benefits apart from high speed?

With 5G technology we can expect high speed no doubt but alongside there are whole new features that will definitely remove all barriers or complications. With this new technology the user won’t get any restrictions, more space to access the advanced network, no limit for accessing the network and many more. It is believed to be 1000 times more capable then 4G connections. Less time for data transfer and that means streaming videos will be fast and immediate. Another feature is that 5G technology will connect place or res were other networks are unable to reach, because signals bounces off and gets interrupted by solid surfaces. No more restriction with 5G.


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