Android Phone Spy: 5 Steps to Know If Your Kid Is a Night Owl

There are parents who have to spend restless nights, making sure their kids are not sneaking out or waking up all night. Kids lock up their room and that’s where it all gets difficult for parent to know anything about what’s happening behind those locked doors. Staying up all night, worried, is not really the right monitoring attitude, considering the hectic work routines of this time and age. Parents deserve a good night’s sleep so they have all the energy they need to work and do all the other stuff.

Parents can monitor their kids without torturing themselves or hurting the privacy of their kids. Knocking up on your kid’s door at 2 o’clock in the morning and saying “I know you are still up, I heard you talking?” is going to shut doors permanently on you. There is a better way to mediate your kids’ behavior using an android phone spy.

A spy app can work inside your kids’ smartphone to access and send data from it to an online server, from where, parents can later access it. An app like XNSPY makes sure that it works silently on the target smartphone without giving any sort of intrusion. So let’s check out how in just 5 steps, you can know if your child stays up all night.

1.     Get a Spy App

First thing you need to choose a spy app. There are many great options available in the market like Flexispy, Teensafe, and XNSPY etc. but if you are looking for something affordable and effective then XNSPY would work just fine. Don’t go for free spy apps as they can risk the privacy of the monitored person. Before downloading any app, you will have to buy a subscription plan that works best for you. For XNSPY Android users, they can choose from the basic or premium package and three different payment options; yearly, quarterly or monthly.

2.     Install the App on Your Kids’ Phone

After that, install that android spying app onto your kid’s smartphone or tablet that you expect them to use at night. This will require you to get physical access of that device that you want to monitor. Don’t worry it only takes a few minutes for the download and installation.

The app will be activated using the credentials of your license. After doing that, the app will work in the background of the smartphone, without even showing up in the installed apps, or anywhere else.

3.     Open Your App’s Control Panel

Control Panel is the place from where you manage your monitored devices. It is usually in the form an online webpage. So you can access it anywhere using your laptop or phone’s browser. But if you are using XNSPY, you can install the Dashboard app onto your smartphone to keep monitoring on the go, without the need for an internet browser [Download XNSPY Dashboard app here].

4.     Manage Your Monitored Devices

Before you can start monitoring, you would be required to edit the default settings to the ones that you want. Toggle on/off features that you want to monitor on the target device and set alerts for specific words, names or locations.

5.     Monitor

After doing aforementioned, you will need to view your kid’s phone activity to look for the clues. You can then simply wait for the app to work inside your kid’s smartphone for a few days. After that simply check their call logs, SMS conversations, emails, Instant messenger activity, internet browsing history and any other thing that you expect your kid to use on their smartphone. Check the date and time stamps for every log and you will be able to know if your kid is using their cell phone at night.

Also, you can check their location through GPS to make sure that your kids are not sneaking out at night, when you go to sleep. XNSPY makes sure that you can do all that’s stated above. It’s without a doubt, the android phone spy that every parent should have their eyes on!


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