Apple Vs Google Top internet tech Giant

You must be familiar with the brutal competition between Apple and Google that has been going on from the past few years. Neck to neck completion between the two is going on and it shall remain in the coming years. As such, who gets benefitted by their fierce rivalry? The global consumers!

Why Google is a winner? 

While some say that Google is winning, some believe that the future belongs to Apple. Ever since the launch of open source OS, Google has dominated the “Mobile OS ecosystem”. With 300,000 Android activations per day as revealed by a Google executive, it can be said that the growth rate of Google is on rise like never before. Being the master of Internet, it is now aiming to become the master of mobile OS ecosystem.

Even after the launch of newer versions of iPhones and iPads by Apple, it doesn’t seem to quite affect their smartphone market share. While 84.7% of the smartphone market share belongs to Android, only 11.7% belongs to Apple! Remaining is made by the Windows phone and Blackberry.

Is Apple declining?

While Google provides everything for free, Apple charges for everything! In comparison with Google Play Store, you will find very less apps in the App Store for free. Even iTunes launched by the company isn’t free of cost!

Moreover, iPhones and iPads are so expensive that common people have to think twice before purchasing one. In comparison to that, android phones and tablets come in every range from different manufactures such as Samsung, HTC, etc. It is believed by some that Apple targets only elite customers and is not for all. This isn’t the case with Google as the company targets everyone, from business people to students.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that all services provided by Google is totally free. From Google Maps to Gmail and from YouTube to Chrome, everything was given by the company for free! How would you feel when you would need to make payments every time you need to search anything or watch a video?

While iOS runs only on Apple devices, Android can run on devices of other companies as well. You wouldn’t believe this but almost everything considered as “smart” that includes your TV and other electronic devices, runs on Android. No doubt it isn’t just a mobile OS!


In the end, both companies are employing different strategies to dominate the technological world. “The defining fight of computer industry”, rivalry between them shall continue till the end and thereby benefiting the global consumers.


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