The popular saying by Rand Fishkin says that ‘SEO is no longer a job title, it has become everyone’s job description’ has proven that this field has shown its tremendous growth drastically.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The name itself states that it optimizes the website that we frequently search for the information through it. It could be Google, MSN, Bing or any other source that can be a search engine. Sometimes these may appear in the form of advertisements on the page you’re browsing page. This will display the advertisements based on your search interests (this could be of different types such as educational searches, social surfing or online games and many more) where it can convert the number of viewers to customers.

A short insight:

SEO’s act as a pathway that connects from your website to what exactly you are looking for via other linking sites that have related or the required information you are surfing for. This is highly beneficial for college students as well. For example, candidates aspiring for any of the universities or any entrance examinations, SEO’s play a major role in leading the surfer to the required website.

For example, college students when searching for the information related to their respective field and the exams such as Distance MBA in India or CAT Exam or Amity University. In order to know the examination dates, preparation websites, study materials, registration fee, the colleges offering entrance through these examinations, job or carrier prospects and much more SEO’s play an important role in leading a person to their desired destination whichever fields it may be.

College offering SEO and Digital Marketing courses

There are a number of colleges in India offering digital marketing courses. The fee for the courses can range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 5,00,000. Working individuals can also go for certificate and online courses to hone their existing skills.

Below is a list of some of the top platforms offering this course:

  • Delhi School of Internet Marketing
  • NIIT Digital Marketing
  • Digital Vidya
  • Manipal Global Education Services

Like MBA in Hospital Management or any other specialization, students can also get an MBA in Digital Marketing and understand the management perspective of this field.

Current Digital Marketing Trend

These days free education SEO’s are available for free on the internet where there are ‘n’ numbers of websites that can guide anyone and become a pro in it. Basically, these follow the concept of targeted trafficking where these are very much unique in leading people, connecting the pathways and acting as a mediator between different websites and the surfer.

This gives a very good insight into how well the technology can be used and its benefits while gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience while practicing how to use them appropriately. These SEOS’s have the capacity to target different kinds of searches which also includes academic search.

Now taking academic searches into consideration, there are broad categories (such as aerospace, agriculture, automobile, automation services, analytical stuff, commerce, examinations, dates and different universities) in which one can search academic information based on their interest. These days one of the widely used search engines in the research areas are pub-med, Elsevier, science direct, research gate and etc that provide a great platform in providing the user with lots of information related to the research and development.

The recent survey shows that the google is the best search engine compared to other surfing websites (commercial searching websites) which is the obvious answer. Most of the times it is also utilized as the barrier for business where it guides and converts most of the viewers into customers and also the viewers play a major role in determining the ratings of that particular website wherein few of the paid websites keep track of these databases and earn money out of it.


Hence, one should know how to utilize the opportunity of having a search engine and avail the required information to the maximum extent. Also, colleges and universities should focus more on emphasizing the information on SEO’s and making the students aware of this.

The above article has shown different advantages of having SEO’s and the information obtained is from my perspective. Therefore, for further queries or any other questions related to SEO’s the references stated below will lead you to the respective websites that can guide you on the required information that one is curious to know about.


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