Benefits of Cloud Telephony Solutions for Business

These days, it is impossible for small, medium and large-scale companies to work without the most necessary means of communication – the telephone. When your company and the customer base is expanding constantly, it will be difficult for you to complete business operations with one telephone set. It means that your company or enterprise must be connected by a multi-channel connection. So, the popularity of cloud telephony is increasing with each passing day in the field of business and entrepreneurial activity. But why? Let’s consider now.

  1. Easy to Operate

When you use cloud telephony, the telephone exchange is located on the company’s server. Data transmission is performed via SIP and VoIP-protocols as they necessary for the transmission of multimedia and voice messages.

Your data is stored on the so-called cloud PBX provider. In the cloud telephony, Traditional dialling, voice communication, data transfer and video calls are performed with the help of the internet. It is connected to both telephone lines and the Internet (or another IP network).

Information is transmitted via encrypted communication channels to reduce the load on the telephone network. Unlike traditional telephony, where data is transmitted through a dedicated connection via telephone lines, the cloud telephony has data packets that go over a common network with a specific address. The rapid growth in the popularity of cloud telephony is caused by the shortcomings of traditional telephony, such as the poor quality of communication, high price, etc.

  • Convenient

Cloud telephony is extremely convenient when you look for a viable Business Telephone System. With its help, you can easily perform different business activities while away from your office and establish communication channels with remote employees. For example- with the help of a conference call, you can hold group meetings or negotiations while living in a distant location. This expands the capabilities of your company up to a great extent, enabling you to beat the huge competition & get more business opportunities.

  • Multitasking Becomes Possible

With a multi-channel number, you can easily receive an unlimited number of calls. It means that you will be able to get the success because the constant communication with consumers helps you satisfy them. It also enables you to enjoy some useful facilities, such as call forwarding, identifying and repeating free cloud telephony calls at a time when ordinary telecommunication companies will ask for an additional charge for this.

  • Affordable Pricing

Affordable pricing is the main advantage of cloud telephony. The actual cost of paying for a virtual PBX is minimal compared. It is because of the data compression technology and the use of the entire capacity of the telephone line. In cloud telephony, domestic calls to companies are free. long-distance and international calls are 70-80% cheaper compared to traditional phones.

A traditional PBX requires the involvement of specialists from third-party companies or the presence of a professional in the company’s staff to see the system maintenance. When you use the virtual telephony, all the necessary settings are done through the web interface. It helps you to save a considerable amount of money on hiring IT experts.

  • Business Mobility

Cloud telephony service facilitates business mobility, which is an effective tool to remain available at customer’s service, instantly process their orders, and generate a substantial amount of business every day.  You can easily work from all locations and change the location of your office at any time. When you use a traditional PBX, a significant amount of time is lost in transportation, setting up and finding a service provider. Cloud telephony allows you to relocate your company instantly and manage remote employees.

  •  High Sound Quality

The indisputable advantage of cloud telephony is its high sound quality, which is improving constantly with each passing day. IT experts improve the work algorithms to solve some problems of IP network. It also allows you to independently make settings and change the number of subscribers on one line, bandwidth and other parameters, and improve the quality of communication. Reports on the number and duration of calls, blacklist feature, recording of telephone conversations, voice messages, call forwarding, etc, are also available.

You can use these to boost the communication level and sell more products every day. Together with the simplicity of managing a virtual PBX, it can be finely tuned to work with several employees. As it uses the Internet, sometimes communication breaks are possible with a slow connection or a heavy load on the network.

 Final Words

Today’s modern business organisations and companies always look for a Business Telephone System with useful features, such as high sound quality, extensive geography of coverage, ease of setup, call forwarding, etc. Compared to a traditional phone system, a cloud telephone has many advantages.

Review the services of different companies that provide cloud telephony services. Analyse their features, functionalities and usability strictly & choose one for your business. It will boost the communication level in your company & help you meet ambitious objectives comfortably.

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