Best ways to secure your Wi-Fi network connection

secure your wifiWi-Fi a wireless networking is useful for easy to access internet on your own computer, laptop, mobile phones, tablets and many other wireless devices. The main use of wireless networking is to access web anywhere in the home without any cables. This kind of traditional networks is quite difficult for the users because it has a problem that steals your bandwidth by others. When use wireless network the most important thing to be consider is to secure your connection from others and prevent hackers by controlling your computer. The best way to protect your connection is to use two types of encryption methods such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP). By using this encryption methodology you can access your router, computer and other equipments with same encryption.

How to secure your wifi?

Every computer can communicate with network by using media access control address but wireless routers can use mechanism that allow specific devices to access network with particular MAC address. The important things for secure your wireless network in a simple way that includes,

  • Open router setting page
  • Use unique password for router
  • Change your network name
  • Enable network encryption
  • Reduce wireless signal range

Open router setting page

When you access wireless network initially you must open the router’s setting page and enter the specific username and password for checking your user’s router manual. The username and password should be varied for each router so it is one of the secure ways to use and access Wi-Fi.

Use unique password for router

After logging into the router you should ensure your network to be secure and changing your password frequently to enable secure connection. This will be helpful for user to prevent the accessing of router from others as well as helps to maintain their security settings. You go to router’s setting page->administration settings for changing your password but the default password for every router is admin or password that allows you to make changes according to your choice.

Change your network name

The SSID or wireless network name is the default or brand name of the router that makes your network t be secure and changing your name is a good idea for secure wireless connection. The important thing is do not use your own name, phone number or address or any personal information as your SSID name because it may misuse by others if there are many wireless networks on your area.

Enable network encryption

To enable encryption option is more secure for your wireless connection because it is quite difficult to identify and it contains mixing of numbers, letters or any special characters.

Reduce wireless signal range

If you are living in small area or apartment you could reduce the range of wireless signal and try to place it under the things or inside the box. This way will be helpful for restricting the direction of signals to some other place.

Keep your network secure and more compatible

To keep your network to be secure is a simplest way to process that you could turn off your router at any time when you are not using the computer. It will be a great idea for that helps you to save power as well as prevent from piggy backers.


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