Best WordPress Plugins Using AI Technology in 2021

Intelligent plugins that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions are now available to WordPress, the most popular CMS platform today. CMS stands for Content Management System. WordPress is under the hood of more than 35% of all websites. Initially a blogging platform, WordPress has become an extensive CMS, compared to Drupal or Joomla and other similar platforms.

This CMS platform now has an increasing array of AI-powered plugins in its library. Whether they are aware of it or not, 77 percent of customers use AI solutions, services, or goods. It comes with intelligent WordPress plugins.

WordPress makes it easier for web developers to format and build websites with high-quality, intelligent plugins. It makes WordPress operations more enjoyable and efficient for achieving business objectives.

Artificial intelligence (AI) plugins help companies identify consumer trends and create better content, products, and services for new and existing users. Furthermore, integrating AI applications into WordPress websites boosts traffic, improves content and media quality, enhances website SEO, and improves data tracking through advanced data analysis.

Evidently, AI can make our lives easier. Web developers are better able to create leads and increase returning visitors by using complex AI plugins. It also improves site optimization, brand recognition, and User Experiences (UX).

Top 7 AI WordPress Plugins You Should Try in 2021

1. WP AI Assistant

WP AI Assistant is a Smart Virtual Assistant for WordPress that helps web builders to create a virtual AI-powered smart assistant on their website in which visitors can interact. You can build intelligent conditional discussions on your website with this visual plugin tool.

Businesses can use WP. A.I Assistant with its intelligent selling features. You can provide recommendations on buying decisions and relevant sites. This plugin can show your website elements, redirect visitors to specific pages, send discussions by email, and send all visitor interactions to a selected PHP page.  You can create buttons and text, numbers, and JavaScript code. Web builders can also import and export data.

WP AI Assistant is also WPML-ready. It means web builders can translate all custom AI content easily.

2. WordLift

WordLift is a full-featured SEO that offers web publishers and bloggers cutting-edge semantic technologies. Since AI is at the heart of it, even those with limited technical knowledge will benefit from it, allowing them to create richer content that is tailored to their target audience.

This WordPress plugin improves content by directing content choices based on results. It uses a content-centric and user-centric machine learning algorithm to extract images, data points, graphs, and other data.

WordLift also offers data-driven content suggestions on a regular basis to ensure that content creators publish appropriate and reliable content. WordLift also offers Schema markup as well as AI-powered SEO recommendations. WordLift enables you to build a wiki for your website, allowing you to create efficient content marketing strategies.

3. Alter

The demand for site and content monitoring from developers has decreased significantly as a result of AI growth. If initial configurations are made, the program instead of using traditional plugins continues with the various automation processes. As a result, the website’s content interaction improves.

Alter, on the other hand, is not suitable for beginners, as the plugin necessitates detailed instructions for proper website and AI integration. For example, web developers must carefully program how the plugin will guide site visitors to posts or pages for unique content.

Since Alter’s machine learning software can study and forecast website traffic navigation and purchasing trends, it can provide excellent analytics for WordPress developers.

Alter measures how long people spend on one page to the other on a website. Content personalization is often automated, ensuring that the relevant content is delivered to the appropriate target audience, resulting in increased traffic.

It enhances the way WordPress developers respond to users’ particular needs, resulting in a better User Experience (UX).

4. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

The Quttera Web Malware Scanner plugin is effective at detecting cyberattacks such as malware, backdoors, trojans, worms, and spyware, exploits, and JavaScript obfuscation, and malicious iframes, code injection, code obfuscation, redirects, auto-generated content, and secret eval code.

It protects your website users and reputation by testing whether you are blacklisted by Google or others. It is also excellent for protecting high-traffic WordPress sites.

AI-powered programs, on the other hand, identify trends in malicious activity and report them directly to the web developer. To avoid repeat risks and problems, this AI plugin will immediately detect and report suspicious activity. AI-powered solutions such as this help web developers keep their sites secure with intelligent antivirus solutions.

5. WatsonFinds

IBM WatsonFinds Watson is a game-changing advanced analytic plugin that uses AI technology to provide you with the power of intelligent content. Web designers and content creators will gain accurate insights into how their content will be viewed by customers.

WatsonFinds was developed by IBM to determine the emotional impact of website content. This plugin can be used to incorporate intelligent, actionable tips to enhance site engagement and effects.

The plugin adds an emotional score to your content based on the words you use and other contextual factors through the WordPress post editor interface.

However, accuracy is not guaranteed, as with all AI plugins. The application will tell you if you’re on track, but it needs more data to improve its accuracy.

6. Speaker

The Speaker WordPress is a page-to-speech AI plugin for WordPress that transforms website material into speech. The app links to audio players’ content and converts it into a website using cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence. Through a cloud-storage solution,  dependability, accessibility, and speed are assured for users around the world.

The Speaker plugin also translates to speech more than 275 voices composed of around 50 languages and dialects. WaveNet is the pioneer of speech synthesis research behind Google’s robust neural networks.

Speaker, the only WordPress application that supports the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), allows you to customize the speech for each content on your website. Users can easily control audio like pausing, intonate read numbers, dial number pad numbers in the usual human format. You can also use multiple voices and languages in a single content, like what online language websites need.

7. Listener

Listener is a voice input plugin for WordPress designed for text or text area fields’ voice input. This plugin is based on Microsoft Azure, one of the most effective cognitive speech recognition software.

With this AI-powered plugin, web builders can use voice input and apply it on a search field, comment, review, or questionnaire.

The key benefits of using voice input are speed and comfort for your visitors. Listener WordPress is an excellent addition to your website’s compliance with international standards and regulations.

The Listener plugin involves the use of the speech service’s API Key. It also has more than 40 accents spanning 25 languages, has multiple language speech recognition, customizable button positions, total cross-browser support, auto-stop recording in silence, and is fully compatible with WordPress 5+.


AI applications and plugins improve the web design and functionality of WordPress websites. It also dramatically increases sales for websites. AI apps help web designers and programmers allocate resources and time to produce better web design and content.

Web developers can generate leads and increase the rate of returning visitors by using complex AI plugins. Businesses thrive when the needs of their clients are prioritized.

Currently, the best AI applications for WordPress serve web developers and programmers while also assisting in improving modern businesses. The use of customer data to create AI solutions enhances website quality content, increases site visits, and increases interaction.

Furthermore, AI solutions make investing in SEO worthwhile because it creates SEO, intelligently generates leads, and efficiently boosts revenues.

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