Blogging Tools that bloggers can’t live without

Most internet users read blog posts every day, but they are tempted to think that blogging is as easy as ABC. Some of them have no idea of what blogging is all about. As an upcoming blogger, you should shun away from such mentality.

Blogging is not about writing great content and leaving it at that. This undertaking involves a lot of work, and it requires one to practice lots of patience and endeavor to work hard. In most instances, you will find out that the time is taken for a blog post to transform from ‘editing’ to ‘published’ is way longer than the time taken to write the blog post.

If you intend to become one of the most celebrated bloggers of all time, the first thing you need to invest in your blog is an excellent backup service. This provides you with a safe place to store your blogging resources, assuring you that you will never lose them even in the toughest circumstances. Then, there are various tools that you will need to get the best blogging experience.

The internet provides thousands of blogging tools and choosing the best can be a daunting task. But bloggers need to gather around because this article outlines some of the best blogging tools every blogger should use.


Every blog post you write needs to be of the highest quality. Among other things, you need to use correct tenses, punctuations, and conjunctions. Even if you hire a native English speaker to proofread your articles, it is challenging for him to eliminate advanced errors in your text. This is why every blogger needs a tool that can aid reliable proofreading. While there are many basic spell-checkers you can use, Grammarly is undoubtedly one tool you should never ignore.

Grammarly can convert unrefined blog posts into attractive and readable texts. Apart from correcting grammatical errors, this tool gives bloggers actionable solutions to some of the most advanced solutions such as changing sentence structures.

What makes it even more interesting is that it contains a plagiarism checker./ though this feature is not highly recommended, it can give you a hint of the areas in your text that need to be changed to make your blog posts gain the uniqueness you desire.


What about a tool that could make you the best writer on the internet? For a fact, this could be the coolest thing you would ever ask for.

With an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, Hemingway is a tool that will help you write publish-ready articles. It refines your content by;

  • Pointing out jargon in your text, and suggesting words that could make your text easy to read for your target audience
  • Eliminates passive voices in your text
  • Highlights unclear and difficult sentences and gives you alternatives
  • Highlights errors in punctuation, tenses, and spelling

An interesting feature to note in Hemingway is that it grades your work based on readability. If the readability score is low, it tells you that you have used complicated language that can be understood by specific audiences. You can consider refining it so that it can suit the needs of the target market.


As a blogger, you need to take notes wherever you go, and organize your work for easy digestion. Well, you no longer need to carry tons of books in your arms like old-school university professors because you can take all types of notes using Evernote.

The human mind is prone to forgetting things, and you can sometimes find out that you have forgotten the essential points of your blog posts. Evernote works as a reference. What you need to do is go back to it, check your notes, and gather your thoughts for your next blog post.


If you are the kind of blogger who gets distracted easily especially when writing content, then ZenPen could be your ultimate savior.

Unlike other test formatting and edition g tools that contain hundreds of features that could distract you, this one provides a minimalist working space that has very few distractions.

If you are struggling to maintain a particular word count in your blog posts, you need not worry anymore. ZenPen allows you to set a specific word count and when you have hit your target, the meter will turn green. You can even save work and download it later, or a complete post directly to your blog.

There you go! These are some of the blogging tools you have been looking for. If you haven’t been using any of them, you now know where you have been going amiss. These are tools even the most professional bloggers can’t live without.


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