Converting Videos for All Kinds of Devices with Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter allows you to convert video files of different formats for PC as well as mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones. The output video is ready to watch on your device without any further configuration necessary. Converting the video to another format will not distort the quality of the video. The quality will remain the same and you will enjoy watching it just as the original video. If your video files are scattered in many different folders, you should first assemble them into a single folder. In this way, you can easily use the watch folder button to import the entire folder.

If you decide to use the Add Media feature, you can press down the Ctrl button and select the video files you want in a single folder with your mouse cursor. After that, you must click the open button in the explorer dialog box to open them. The ready video presets can be easily accessed at the bottom of Movavi Video Converter. It will show the type of codec, acceleration technology and the resolution on each video format. There is no need to configure the parameter settings like bit rate, frame size and etc. You just need to select the format you want and choose the desired resolution for the output video.

You can convert the video into another format without making any changes to the video. You can also convert the video to become DVD compatible so that it is possible for you to burn it on a DVD ROM. It also support 4K Ultra HD video conversion which is suitable for converting videos with ultra high resolution. It is recommended that you don’t choose a resolution that is bigger than the original resolution of the video because the quality of drop.

If you want to save space, you can reduce the video size by choosing a smaller resolution. Movavi Video Converter also support HTML 5 video conversion. Converting your video to a HTML 5 video will allow you to conveniently embed it on your website. Movavi Video Converter also offer presets that are suitable for sharing the video online at a video hosting site. If you want to post the video on your website, you can convert it to formats like SWF and FLV.

Some of the presets are converted with Super Speed technology. With Super Speed technology, the preset can be converted at an ultra fast rate. Movavi video converter includes a video editor that allows you to edit the video on a timeline storyboard. You can remove noises in the background of the video with the video editor. If there are some unwanted clips in the video, you can get them removed from the video with the trimming tool. Slow/fast motion and transition effects can be easily added into the video. If the video files have multiple audio clips, you can select the ones that you want to keep and the ones that you want to delete in the video editor.


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