Cyber ​​Attack on NASA stolen from a $25 computer, They stole 500 megabytes of data across 23 files.

 US-based organization has been cyber-attack on NASA. NASA's Jet Prabolson Laboratory (Jeepel) has deteriorated the incident of data evasion in the system.
 It has also revealed that 500 megabytes’ data is stolen. Those data from the various 23 files has been stolen.
 It has not come to know that the cyber-attack on NASA has been identified. The sequence of such cyber-attacks on the last time has increased in NASA. During the Cyber ​​Invasion last year, some of the sensitive data were detected by NASA. Interestingly, the Raspberry Pi computing system was used in the last cyber-attack on NASA. The value of the said system is up to 25 to 30 dollars. The size of the Raspberry Pi computer is like a credit card.
 According to the news, the hackers have succeeded in stealing data related to some important missionaries of the past cyber-attack. There are data related to KyotoCity roberts, such as cars running on Mars. Also, the hackers have also been able to attack the JPEG network and also hand over the data of Nasip space network. Dip space network is used to conduct antenna for communication at the end. 
  As soon as the latest cyber-attack is detected, Securities team of Joneson Space Center has immediately separated the system related to the affected network. Also NASA has tightened cyber security as well as researches on hackers.


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