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youtube-download-free-videoIn the recent days, online video streaming is most popular activity in internet. In online you can obtain all types of videos in huge collections of websites. YouTube is the most popular site in online where most of the people spend their time in it. If you find your favourite video then you will like to store it in your computer. As there is no special option in you tube to download your videos then you want to choose some other methods to download it from internet. YouTube in online is only meant for streaming option so you want to make use of other downloading ways.

Different ways to download your YouTube video

  • com

It is a web based video downloader. Using this tool you can download your favourite videos from internet with adding any extra applications into your system. Compared to other software it is simple and easy for all users. Once you select your video in YouTube then you want to copy the relevant URL from that page and then paste it in the textbox of Keepvid. Then the download link will appear in a window in that you can save your video file.

  • Download directly from URL box

In an easy way you can download your preferable video from YouTube in a single click. Once you decide to download your video then you want to enter ss in before the YouTube word. Then click enter on it. Now a window will appear with download link. In that you can select the preferable format for your video and then you want to click the download button. You can also choose the downloading speed in that window.

  • net

Most of the people will not like to miss this immense download tool for YouTube. With the help of this tool you can obtain both download option and converter. Some of your video players will not allow you to play .flv videos and in that case you can make use of this option to solve your issues. You don’t need to install this application in your computer because it is server based application in online.

  • YouTube Downloader

It is the perfect tool to download your YouTube videos to your system. Once you install this software in your computer then you need to paste the link in this tool. Then your download process will start in a second. Built-in converter option will automatically change the video formats to the user convenience.

  • Firefox plug-in

You can extract your preferred YouTube videos with the help of this add-on option. Using this plug-in you can get high quality of videos. Once you install this add on in your system then you can download your videos in effort free way.

  • YouTube5

This downloader is specially meant for safari browser. It will alter the default settings of your YouTube player and improves your video experience with attractive features. You can select your necessary resolution for your download activity.

  • FVD Suite

If you install this software in your computer then it will add a button to the toolbar of your    internet explorer then using that button you can complete your video process in a simple way. In your YouTube page you select the downloader button in the available menu.

  • Free Video Downloader

This is the advanced freeware software available in online. Using this tool you can download your favourite videos to your computer. You can make use of this software at no cost. You can get the high definition quality from this downloader tool.

  • VDownloader

It is the perfect downloader for your windows system. You can save your videos in different formats. You just copy and paste the video URL link in the software and then your download process will start automatically. Even you can schedule your download process and then you can continue your regular work.

  • Orbit Downloader

With the help of this software you can easily download your favourite videos to your system. This tool offers you with high speed download rate and it will allow you to download more sources at a same time.


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