Finding the Best Call Forwarding Service by Tom Senkus

Have you been interested in using call forwarding services in conjunction with virtual phone numbers? Call forwarding works by forwarding calls to a location of your choosing. This means that if a caller dials your virtual number, that call can be routed to any destination in the world. The business subscriber (your business, in this case) can have these inbound calls forwarded anywhere, including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, landlines, virtual call centers, and any other device that can handle phone calls. As you may imagine, call forwarding is a crucial service for those looking to establish an international business presence anywhere in the world.

In this article, we’ll take a look at which factors you should consider when looking for the best call forwarding service.

Improved Customer Service:

With the ability for customers to reach your business, your international clients can have constant access to your business, ensuring that your customers can place orders no matter where they are in the world. For instance, a caller in London may want to contact your business in California, only to not have a staff member available to process the call. With call forwarding, you can route calls to a call processing center that has corresponding hours to handle the call.

Consider the alternative: without call forwarding, customers would have to wait to place orders when your business was available or you would have to hire customer support staff in international offices that are financially out-of-reach for many businesses, particularly startups and small businesses.

Establishing an International Presence:

Because virtual phone numbers are identical in look and function to “normal” local phone numbers, simply purchasing a virtual phone number with call forwarding can instantly connect your business to foreign markets without seeming like a foreign “interloper.” By advertising this new phone number in your targeted market, your business immediately gains a foothold in a market without the overheads associated with establishing a physical presence — not to mention the myriad of headaches that come with following regulations, leasing property, hiring staff, and so forth. Best of all, if your business gains traction in a foreign market, you can then make an informed decision to set up a physical location in the area to handle greater volume and add in-person service as necessary. This mitigates risk and ensures that your money goes towards the greatest ROI, not a gamble.

Using Advanced Call Forwarding Features

Most service providers offer the aforementioned benefits, as virtual phone numbers can be nearly identical in usage. However, it is advanced call forwarding features that set apart lower-tier service providers from the best ones out there, like Global Call Forwarding. You’ll want to look for services, like call recording, interactive voice response (known as “IVR”), simultaneous ringing, and time-of-day routing to enhance the usability of call forwarding. By coupling your call forwarding with call recording, for instance, you can monitor calls when you’re not around to ensure that your customer service team is providing the best quality.

Fitting Call Forwarding to Your Business

The many benefits of call forwarding all come down to your business model and usage. When choosing a service provider, make sure that their service matches your business model and how your organization operates.

For instance, do you operate in the financial or banking sectors? If so, then your choice of the call forwarding service provider must have a way for you to record inbound and outbound calls. The reason for this is that, with the advent of sophisticated tech, scammers have been able to manipulate international organizations using a number of tactics. In response, global regulators have been making it mandatory for institutions to record all phone-based communications to crack down on this disturbing trend of global fraud. Therefore, ensuring that your call forwarding service is equipped with “call recording” features is of paramount importance.

Likewise, for entrepreneurs, using call forwarding can be a way of enhancing your professional image by using a variety of virtual phone numbers in different localities (especially if you travel on business to meet clients face-to-face). When you’re available, callers can reach you from anywhere on the planet, as calls from different numbers can all be routed to a single device. During off-hours, your clients can reach your office or voice mail, which ensures you maintain a proper work-life balance. If the call forwarding service you use doesn’t offer you an easy way to route your calls (i.e. as a result of a complicated online dashboard, a limited number of forwarded phone numbers), then you should look elsewhere for a compatible service provider.


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