Google updating new operating system Brillo

Google is the most popular expertise company in the computer network for its internet related services and products. More numbers of services are included in this business organisation. Other than these services Google updating new oprating system brillo into the market. It is mainly introduced for the internet of things. The system is mainly intended for the purpose of minimal power machines so that it can effectively run on the android devices. The operating system can attach washing machine to any type of machine and so you can linked with already existing Google equipments. In the recent world most of the mobile phones are included with android operating system. Brillo is specifically manufactured to be a bare bones system so that it permits you to get an effort free connection between gadgets.  This fresh operating system is designed by Android and Nest Labs organisation for connecting all types of devices. After this emergence of operating system into the market you can easily connect the machines into the computer network.

Weave is the effective software tool for device communication

You can connect parking meters machines to farm equipments to the internet with the assist of Brillo. In future it is going to be the strength of character for the internet world. With this operating system Weave is also introduced into the market which is an effective software tool for the device communication. It will help for the efficient contact between two devices.  In the recent Google presentation in San Francisco, Sundar Pichai senior vice president of Android announced that Google updating new oprating system brillo in the market. Weave will give the great expansion to the communication device world. The vice president further said that Weave software tool will act as cross platform. You can have both Brillo and Weave together or you can have Weave alone. When you connect your refrigerator into this operating system you can talk with the help of voice interface.

Swarm intelligence- Everything is connected to the internet

Brillo operating system is mainly designed for the end to end communication. In a flawless manner you can connect the device to any other new device. Within three years the operating system will come to the existence and after that Weave will come next to it. Swarm intelligence is the new type of emergence technology because of this operating system. The impact of this operating system will reach to its peak level in the future. When you connect air conditioning system via this operating system then your air condition will switch on after the existence of owner. The concept internet of things is mainly for the connection of all devices into the computer network. In the present days more number of companies develops their devices with internet of things capability. Weave acts as the communication layer for the connection of two or more devices into the internet. Brillo is taken from the Android and it is designed in the lower layer kernels and it is the important thing for the operation of devices.


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