HIGHEST number of Super Computers in the World, China is at 1st position and second is America.

America recently created the world’s fastest supercomputer. But in the list of 500 latest world super-computers, China has improved their position. The last list shows how fast China is going to build super-computers.

In comparison to 5 hundred super-computers in the world, one and only China owned over Two hundred and six (206) supercomputer. According to the latest news, the government of China and other related company are developing more powerful computers in the future.

It is estimated that America had 124 super-computers compared to China which is more unexpectedly. Over the year America was dominating the tech market but 2 years back China had already rank their place for top 500 owned powerful country in the world. Creating the fastest super-computer provides instability in measuring the technical capacity of any country. However, these supercomputers are very rare machines which need lots of tech plants and manpower. Now a day’s many company and organization are researching new things on Health, energy power, AI, and latest technology on supercomputers.

 Supercomputing is one of the fastest technological developments in China, which makes interest in the country’s plans and development. In addition, China has also discussed the economic and geological impact of super-computer and technological development.  Super-computing technology is often a matter of business in America and China. In 2015, the US government refused to provide the license for the four super-computer lubricants to produce and sell the licensed microprocessors. The United States was accused of Chinese super-computer labs working for Chinese soldiers. Because of this, China started its own development and production of super-computer technology and ultimately achieved success. According to experts, Chinese scientists are in the process of displacing the entire western technology in Chinese technology.

In a nutshell, Super-computers fully use government labs. It was used in government plans like molecular explosion simulation, patterning of whether AI etc. But now among 500 super-computers half of them are used in the private sector and organization


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