How can you increase the storage space on your windows tablet Top 5 ways

Is the limited storage space in Windows tablets bothering you? Not to worry anymore! There are plenty of things that you can do to clean up the disk space. Continue reading to know more about such tricks.

What can you do to maximize storage space?

  1. Delete Temp Files and Prefetch Data

Deleting temp files will not only clean up the disk, but also make your tablet run much faster. Here’s how you can do it.

First of all, restart your tablet and once Windows has completely loaded, close or exit any applications that might be running. Then navigate to the Prefetch and Temp folders inside the Windows folder and delete all the files you see.

Now navigate to the following address and delete everything there as well: C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Temp.

Deleting these contents will cause no problems as long as you have restarted your tablet and no applications is running.

  1. Clear your Download folder and Recycle Bin

Download folder usually contain some unnecessary files and installers that will never be used again. So remove everything that you no longer need inside this folder.

Also, empty the recycle bin as the files inside it aren’t really deleted until you manually do it.

  1. Disable or shrink the paging file.

Windows creates a swap or page file of the applications on the drive it is installed on. It takes up some memory space and depending on size of your application, the size of page files will change.

You can disable or shrink these page files to recover the memory space lost but remember that disabling paging files may cause problems with some applications.

Go to Advanced system settings. Navigate to Performance section inside Advanced tab. Click on settings. In the window that now appears, navigate to Virtual Memory section inside Advanced tab.

Now note the currently allocated page size and in Maximum size option enter that number. For initial size option, enter 16 MB. Click on OK and finally restart your tablet.

  1. Store your files in the cloud

Move some of your files in Windows Cloud itself to regain that space.

  1. Do a Disk Clean-Up

Right click on C: drive and select Properties. In the window that appears, click on Disk Cleanup Button then finally click on Clean up System files. A new window will now appear after the system calculates the amount of space that will be freed. Click on More Options, then Clean Up. On the confirmation prompt, click on Delete. Go back to Disk Clean up tab, check mark all the boxes and click OK.

Follow the above methods to maximize storage space of your Windows tablet.


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