How to Avoid Logo Design mistakes in 2020

You might be in the process of designing a brand new logo for your business. Or you are an Entrepreneur who is willing to revamp his previous logo. In either case, you must plan out things before going to the drawing board. Either you can hire a professional design agency that can do the hard work for you, or you can note down these clumsy logo design mistakes and design the logo yourself.

When Entrepreneurs start to work on the logo of the website, there are some things which they usually miss, and here is a highlight of some of the mistakes. Before you go any further, you need to read these mistakes and ensure that you don’t make any of these mistakes.

The overly crowded logo

A logo is a representation of your business or what values your company holds. You don’t need to crowd your logo with tons of things. The symbol, the colors, and sometimes people even add long taglines in their logos.

Only show and highlight things that represent the core of your business—no need to prove anything else in your logo. Simplify always wins. You don’t need to overcrowd your logo with everything that you do or everything product that you’re selling. You just need to put some values which you stand for. The values which make your business unique. Yes, you need to kill the urge to show everything on your logo. Just explain what is essential to your consumer.

The logo is not a good fit for the print

Sometimes, what Entrepreneurs ignore is viewing their logo from a grand perspective. If your logo is not suitable for the print. You need to give a second thought to your logo.

You can use dark colors & see if those colors look good in the print. You also need to ensure that the size of the logo is a high resolution, which will look good in print design. When you participate in significant events, you need to have a big logo to represent your brand.

The font is not readable

Font plays an essential role in the logo. If you don’t put a font that can be read by everyone, there is no point in using a font at all. It is better to use a symbol instead.

Study the effects of typography on the psychology of people. How various fonts affect the buying behavior of people and how you can use fonts to benefit your business? If the font is not readable, you need to test the font with various people before you put the font on the logo.

If the font is not readable on the logo, you need to change the font with something simple and easy.

Not a unique logo

With a vast amount of businesses out there, you need to add something unique to your logo. What most of the brand’s mistakes are when they use something quite popular? You can add handwriting or use your design as a symbol of your logo. When you add your flavor to the logo, this gives the logo some additional value. You can use it to leverage your design and tell the world that you have something different to offer.

You can even use something that represents the core value of your business. But, ensure that the amount that you’re using is something that only you’re providing, or if you’re providing that value, you’re making it better.

The logo doesn’t represent your values

A professional web design Dubai agency understands the brand values, which makes it easy for the brand to showcase these values in the logo.

When you go for a logo, you need to ensure that the logo represents values from your business. If there are values that are unique to your business, you need to show that in the logo. What most businesses lack is that they don’t represent any value in the logo, which makes it look unprofessional?

You cannot afford to take any risk while people have a perception of your brand out there & some values are not clear to you. If the benefits are not clear, how will you be able to highlight them in the logo design?

The logo doesn’t suit your brand

You use a logo that is not the theme of your business. Either the colors or the symbol that you’ve used in the logo have nothing to do with the company that you do.

In this information age, you’ll be labeled as stupid if you use something that doesn’t reflect the business that you’re doing. You need to make sure that everything you put into your logo relates to something that your business does. A new visitor must be able to recognize what your business does just by looking at the logo.


To end it all. Your logo is something that you need to focus on. The logo will represent your business, your values, and even build the reputation of your business. If you want to make an excellent first impression, you must make it worth lasting. There is no chance to make any sort of mistake when you know which mistakes you need to avoid in the first place.

So, if you’re making any mistake that is mentioned above, you need to change it right now. Because this will not just make your brand feel amateur, it will make you feel unprofessional.