How to Back up Google Chrome Saved Password easily.

  1. Go to Setting and you will find Book Mark there, hover it and then go to bookmark
  2. Now as in the shown figure go to Organize and the click to Export bookmarks to HTML file. You Can then Import your saved book mark with given menu Import bookmarks of HTML

  1. Now after you finish save your bookmark to any Location in the computer I have added it to mine document. You can take your backup in your hard-drive or in pen drive for future use.
  1. As in the same way you can import the bookmark file by just repeating 1 and 2 steps in the given Tutorials.
  2. Now we proceed for how to backup saved password from Google Chrome.
  3. For this you can go to Run, or just press windows + R the run window will show up like this as shown in the figure.
    1. Now Type the Following key phrase in the run board. Note: please change “user1” with your computer name.
      C:\Users\user1\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Defaultchrome-password3
    2. Now you will see many file inside this folder, what you can do is search for Login Data. Now if you have found it then Copy it to some other folder and then you can use it in another computer by just Copy and then Paste function. Just replace the old file with the new one.

  1. And also after you have done all please login with your previous gmail account you where using with chrome browser.
  2. Lastly remember to Restart your Chrome or if you can restart the computer it will be better.

if you get any problem then please comment on the section below i will be happy to reply ASAP.

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