How to Build and Grow an App Business

Gartner predicts that mobile app revenues will reach a whopping $77 billion by the year 2017. Mobile apps shall see an increase in downloads with the download rate of apps reaching up to 286 billion times by the year 2017. Entrepreneurs and app companies are taking advantage of the above trend to generate millions in revenue from apps.

Building a successful mobile app will do wonders for your brand and given the fact that more and more people depend on apps for their daily needs, there is no reason why you should not be able to create one. Keep in mind that before you start thinking about developing an app, it should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • It should be able to represent your brand in entirety
  • Act as a major marketing channel for your brand
  • Be able to address all customer queries
  • Meets system requirements
  • Should be entirely bug-free
  • Should be a class apart from your competition

Consider the following steps to create and market a successful app:

List down your objectives

Developing an app just because it is a common phenomenon is not the best objective. However, developing one to boost your business is a valid reason. In this respect, it will be necessary to ask yourself the sole aim of your app. Will it reflect your brand? Is it something users will rush to check out? an app that will get users instantly hooked? or will it be one with an alien idea that people have never heard of?

Defining your goals will enable you to focus and complete your app in a shorter span of time. Additionally, you should brainstorm all potential features that you’d want your app to have in this stage.

Visually outline your app

You should be having a rough estimate of how your app should look like on a smartphone and how the user will interact with the various screens. Sketch out how you want each screen to look like, of course do ample research before you begin making outlines for your app. By sketching out your app, you will have a better idea on how to supervise the design process with a designer.

Hire a developer

Now, this is a very vital step. You need to hire the services of a developer who can deliver an outstanding product.  You have two choices, either look for a talented freelancer with a good portfolio or select an app development company with an equally good work history in creating successful apps. You will have to align your budget accordingly and set aside a reasonable amount of cash for the app’s development process.

Test your app

Once the development phase is complete, it is vital to ensure that the app works well in every aspect. There should be no bugs, instances of delayed starting among other issues. The test phase will ensure that all lagging issues are fixed ahead of the launch date.

In the test phase, you can also ensure that your app meets all the requirements it was built for.

Release and market your app

Depending on the platform your app was built for, you have to go through all the specific guidelines of that platform to submit your app. Different platforms have different guidelines.

When it comes to marketing your app, use all marketing channels like social media, word of mouth, and networking events to spread the word of your app to as many people as possible.

Since mobile usage is soaring to exponential levels, you should be able to develop an app that will appeal to users, that way you will be able to stay ahead of your competitors.

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