How To Choose The Best Hosting Provider For Your Personal Website

There are many reasons for starting a personal website, from wanting to host your own blog, for providing a platform for opinion pieces, for providing something to the community, or informing about an organisation or a business that you run. These days having an online presence is essential, as many more people are increasingly conducting their business and their social lives online. Without a website, you have no web presence. Many people can easily make their own website, but what about hosting it? A great internet host provides you with your unique .com web address that is so characteristic of the most popular websites of today. Here we look at how to choose the best hosting provider for your personal website, whatever your needs.

Domain Name

Whether it’s a commercial website, or a personal one, choosing your own unique domain name can be one of the most exciting parts of building your website. Most web hosting providers will allow you to choose your own unique domain name (as long as nobody else already has it) and you pay a small fee to reserve that domain name. That means that every time someone types in your unique domain name, they will go to your personal site.

There are free options, where free web hosting providers will give you a free domain name. However, this usually incorporates the name of the web hosting provider as well, making the domain name longer and more complicated than is usually desired. While this might not be a big deal if you’re only hosting a personal site, it is only a very small fee to get your very own, personal domain name.


Is your web hosting provider reliable? Web hosting relies on the server of your web hosting provider, that means that any time your web hosting provider’s server is down, your site will be down too. Having a reliable provider is important, because you want people to be able to access and see your site at all times. Online reviews can be a good place to look for feedback about the reliability of any individual web hosting provider, and should be taken into account when making your decision.


Many free web hosting providers put their own advertising on your website! This is because they are running the web hosting for free, and need some way to make money. If you don’t want advertising on your personal site, you’re better off choosing a paid web hosting provider, so you always get exactly what you want.

Even you can get coupons of web hosting providers to get the plan at a discounted price.

How Much Space Do I Need?

Having a bit of space on the server of your web hosting provider is useful, because it allows you to upload some interesting content from your computer to your website, such as photos and videos. Some free web hosting providers have more restrictions on the amount of space available. Some also have an online site builder which makes it easy to build your own site, but it can make it harder to customise exactly the way you want.

FTP access allows you to upload your content, photos and videos to your site so that anyone in the world can see them, so it’s useful to choose a hosting provider with this functionality.


Bandwidth determines how many people can access or visit your website at one time. For most personal websites, a large amount of bandwidth is not necessary, because you will probably not have a higher than average amount of visitors at any one time. That is of course, unless you are a celebrity (or would like to be) or you are running an organisation page or business site where you may be expecting quite a lot of visitors. If this is the case, choose a web hosting provider that can offer you more bandwidth, or at least the option to increase the amount of bandwidth you have over time at a reasonable price.

A Plan To Expand

Although your website is a personal site, it can be useful to have plans to expand and grow if your site becomes popular and you want to build upon your success. Some web hosting providers can allow you to start off with a basic and inexpensive plan, which you can then add on to as you grow, without having to switch providers. This can be extremely useful in allowing for a natural and smooth way to success.

With these tips you can choose the right web hosting provider to create your own incredible personal website.

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