How to Choose the Best Types of Power Banks

Since power banks are growing so rapidly due to their increasing demand, there are now many companies that sell them. The result of having so many companies selling power banks is that it makes more innovation happen and that means there are more types of portable chargers on the market. With that said, with so many types of them on the market, it can be difficult to know what type is best for you to use and how to even go about choosing one.

That is why I’ve created a guide how to go about choosing a power bank and how you can better prepare yourself for getting a power bank that can go beyond your expectations and use for the long-term. Let’s get started.

What you plan on doing with it and Taking it

A power bank is built on its power capacity, as that’s what makes them portable in the first place. However, there are lots of them that have different power capacities, which can make it hard to choose which one is right for you. With that said, the power capacity has control over two main aspects and that would be the longevity of usage that you’re able to get from it and also the portability. Which brings us to the main two types of power banks that you should consider.

Low Capacity

In general, when you think about a power bank then you’re probably thinking of ones that are small and cylindrical and it makes sense to do so. The reason for that is because low power capacity power banks are the ones that are most popular as they have small sizes and they’re also lightweight. One of the most useful types of Mini power banks are ones that are Slim because they’re the same size as your smartphone and can slide right into your pocket along with a smartphone and charge it. There are no compromises when it comes portability with these small power banks because they can literally go anywhere with you.

However, there are compromises when it comes to their powering capabilities because they have low power capacities within the 3,000mAh to 5,000mAh range that is really only able to charge most smartphones about one time. Then the power bank requires a recharge.

High Capacity

If you’re searching for a power bank that has more longevity then there are ones that have high power capacities and even though these ones are basically more useful, they’re not as popular. The reason for that is because having a high power capacity means that it uses numerous amount of batteries and that results in the power bank being larger and heavier.

With that said, the decrease in the ease of portability is only a minor setback because they’re able to provide lots of power. A power capacity of 20,000mAh to 30,000mAh is able to charge most smartphones and tablets to their full power multiple times over and the power bank can still have power left over. Another thing that makes them great is that they use multiple USB charging ports which means that you can charge lots of devices at once.

Charging Speeds

The next important aspect of a power bank is its charging speed and just like all charging electronics in general, we want our devices to be charged up and ready to go so we can unplug. The same thing is true when it comes to power banks because even though they’re portable, it’s still a charging electronic that we have to keep on us.

For the most part, Mini power banks have slow charging and recharging. However, there are newer Mini power banks that are within the 5,000mAh range that are able to charge in the 2 Amp range and some even use USB-C to charge USB-C compatible smartphones at their max charging speeds. Although, recharging is slow for Mini power banks in general because they have small capacities to recover.

When it comes to higher power capacity power banks, then that’s when charging speeds are important. The reason for that is because they have multiple USB charging ports which means that you can charge multiple devices at once. So if you’re charging many devices at once, you want them to charge at fast charging speeds.

Which is why if a power bank does have many USB charging ports, then it’s good to have each of them at a 2 Amp speed because most devices maintain good speeds there. However, there are even faster speeds to consider such as 2.4 Amps because most tablets have a max charging speed of 2.4A. Then there’s Quick Charge and USB-C charging to consider which is going to be useful for compatible devices that are able to charge with those technologies as you’ll be able to get increased Amperage into the 3 Amp range and also increased Voltage.

Recharging for High Capacity Power banks

Always make sure that a high capacity power bank that you’re looking at has a good recharging speed because you don’t want to be waiting a full 24 hours for a full recharge. One of the most useful recharging methods for a high capacity power bank is one that uses two input ports and that results in a double the recharging speed. Then there are ones that use Quick Charge or USB-C when it comes to recharging and those are the ones that require the usage of a Quick Charge USB wall charger for max recharging speeds.

 Brands that You’re Purchasing From

It’s best to purchase your power bank from a well-known brand and the reason for that is because there are lots of companies on the market that are selling low-quality power banks. Those companies advertise their products as having the fastest charging speeds or the smallest size and yet none of that is true when you actually get the power bank. Which is why it’s vital to take a close look at what a power bank is capable of before you purchase it. Also, take a look at the reviews that the power bank has so you get an understanding of what it would be like if you did purchase it.


As you can see, there are quite a few parts of a power bank that you need to know before you go ahead and purchase one. Overall, once you choose a power bank with a certain criterion and get it from a trustworthy company then you’re going to have a better experience purchasing more power banks in the future.


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