How to Creatively Design a Logo

Designing a creative logo that can become the voice of your brand requires critical brainstorming. You need to come up with an all new innovative idea to establish a full identity of your brand. Your ultimate goal while designing a logo should make people remember you, visit you and convert. Your logo should communicate your idea, convey the message of your brand. Take a look inside at some of the most expert tips to design a logo creatively.

Choose only one color as your base.

A logo that consists of only one color as its base is very easy to be memorized. Logos containing colors clusters are confusing for the viewers and painful to be recalled.

Use a Single Font Family

You make your logo more appealing and catchy if you use a single type of font smartly. Clustered usage of fonts makes your design unrelated.

Preview it without colors

One of the best practices professional logo designers perform is testing their design in black and white. If your logo looks great without colors, you have done an excellent job in designing the logo that works perfectly with vibrant colors.

It Should Work Perfect With Color Contrasts

The background color of your logo is very crucial. Test your logo on both dark and light backgrounds. A catchy background will help your logo to provide a sturdy and attractive base.

Fits for All sizes

A logo should be designed to be published on diverse mediums. A billboard requires a large size while for printing on envelopes, a smaller size will be utilized. Make sure your logo maintains its quality and doesn’t pixelate

Two-Dimensional Logos are a safer choice

For beginners, it is the very good move to stick to the basics first. Choice a two-dimensional model for your beginning projects.

Vectors logos are resizable

Vectors formats are the professionally chosen option by logo designers. It allows you to resize your logo according to the need without compromising its quality.

Avoid Advance Designing Practices

Advance designing techniques are useful, but it requires experience and expertise. As you are a beginner avoided such complex practices and tried to keep your straightforward and neat. Avoid using emboss, bevel, gradient, shadow and other advanced features in your design. As you advance your level, you will learn to use advanced features yourself.

Avoid Using Images

The usage of photo usage in logo design is obsoleted. It is not a very smart move to use photos as your logos. Photos don’t perform well in versatile printing medium.

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