How To Drive Traffic To Your New Online Store

Starting up an eCommerce business can be exciting, there’s no doubt about that. Suddenly your customer base is not confined to your geographic location, you can contact and serve customers from all over the country and the globe! But no matter how great your product or business is, you won’t be making any sales unless your customer base knows you are out there. That’s why these tips will come in handy to drive traffic to your new online store, allowing you and your business to contact and reach those customers who will most benefit from what you have to offer.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is one of the most powerful tools available for online marketing today, if you can do it right. It’s important to properly evaluate and assess the aspects of your business, service and product to see how it can be marketed most successfully on social media. For arts and craft based businesses, or other businesses with a strong visual side, a presence on Pinterest or Instagram is a must. Posting great photos in varying shapes, sizes and color schemes can really draw attention to your business and get new clicks from followers and interested customers.

For other business, a solid presence on Facebook and Twitter, along with posting great content and reaching out to customers can really help to turn interested followers into paying customers.

Give Valuable Content

These days, customers want value from the businesses they choose to buy from, in some cases before they have even spent any money. Well written, informative and optimized website content, along with a blog that contains useful and insightful information is a sure fire way to get more hits to your website, especially if you’re sharing some of this great content on social media. What is valuable content you ask? Basically, it’s not a worn out monologue about how great your product is. Instead, trying articles with troubleshooting and tips, along with industry insights from your field of business. Not only will it drive traffic to your site, it will also increase customers trust in your business.

Use Paid Marketing

Paid marketing can be highly effective and produce really incredible results for your business in terms of increasing traffic. Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular choices in this category, as it allows you to target key words and phrases and turn them into ads for your site. Other kinds of online advertising can come in a variety of forms. Online advertising has always been popular and effective, especially if placed in relation to relevant information. While these approaches do have a cost associated, the increase in website traffic you will experience will certainly be worth it.

Optimize SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is absolutely essential for any new online store. As a new store, you will be competing with a range of other already existing stores that already have a potentially established base of customers, and a presence on the internet. As a new store, it’s essential to establish your place in the internet marketplace, and implementing SEO can help you to do this.

Search engine optimization helps search engines like Google find you online store more easily. When customers are searching for your store, your product or your services, you want your store results to come up high in the list on the search engine. Search engine optimization achieves this and allows you to reach more customers more easily, driving traffic to your store.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a while, but there’s no better time than now to implement it in order to benefit your business. Use special offers, coupons, competitions or other attention grabbing events to get interested customers who are visitors to your site or just followers on social media to sign up and provide their contact details. When you have an email address you can provide your customers with more special offers and updates and include links that will direct customers to your site.

This also helps customers stay updated with what is going on with your business, your new products or service and special offers, so they keep getting a reminder to come back to your website and choose your service again and again.

With these tips to make your new online store the best it can be, you can drive more customers to your website and expect more sales than even before.

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