How to get your apps featured on the App Store

To say that the App Store is flooded with apps would be an understatement! Did you know that there are at least more than 2K submissions every single day at the App Store? Yep, it is indeed difficult to have an app featured and grab attention among such numbers. As leaders in mobile app development, we are very much aware of how difficult it is to get visibility and have a popular app and this is why we have collated a few tips and things for you to focus on to get your app featured on the App Store, read on.

#1 Learn about the Apple Process

To have your app featured on the app store, it is important that you actually know what happens when you submit your app. Did you know that apple actually hand curates the list of apps that are featured? So, your app has to measure up to some exacting standards and be of really good quality to get picked.

In our experience in developing for various mobile applications platforms, the following is a good mix – comply with the design principles followed at Apple, try to capitalize on Apple’s latest hardware capabilities and iOS capabilities when designing your app and use the game center to your advantage. Read on as we list some guidelines to help you out in detail.

#2 Focusing on Mobile user experience will get you a shot at getting featured

Apple has always been focused about the user experience and you would actually do well to follow the same. Work on the user experience aspects first and then design your app around that. Apple believes in user experience – UI deference, depth and clarity and these are the guidelines for iOS development. As a mobile app development company with vast experience in designing apps for the App Store, we recommend that you follow the same (we do too)!

#3 Get featured on the best websites in the industry

PR is very important and getting featured on the best sites in the industry can help boost your popularity and credibility. If you are already getting a fair amount of attention in the press, you have more chances of getting your app featured in the app store.

#4 Be mindful of the season and calendar while promoting your app

What we mean to say here is this – if it is say the run up to Oscars, apps that talk about celebrities, gossip, fashion, etc. are likely to get featured and when it is tax season, apps that deal with that are likely to get featured. All we are saying here is that be mindful of the time and things happening during the season when you pitch your app to Apple. As a leading mobile app development company, we do keep this in mind during promotions!

#5 Use the latest releases from Apple to your advantage

If your product uses the latest product release or software release from Apple and highlight’s its hardware capabilities or features, it is more likely to get picked. After all, you will be exclusive and you will stand apart from the crowd and your app can actually showcase how their latest product works in the best light. It is a win-win for both!

We hope these tips will help you get your app featured on the App Store. We would however like to remind you that getting your app featured is only half the battle won and you would still have to consider maximizing the downloads and get good user ratings. With immense experience across various mobile applications platforms, we believe that an app that is optimized for the app store and is localized can get better attention than those that don’t. Similarly, an app that employs a lot of PR and analytic tools is more likely to be downloaded by end users.  We hope that you put all this information to good use and get your app featured and downloaded. Good Luck!

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