How to Troubleshoot Any Tech Issue Like a Pro

If you are even a little bit more technologically literate than the average member of your family, you will no doubt be used to being called upon to troubleshoot every technical issue that comes your way. If you aren’t that person then you probably know someone who is.

Regardless of your technical abilities, troubleshooting tech problems is a much simpler process (most of the time) than many people realize. Once you learn the basic formula for how to troubleshoot issues, actually doing it is fairly trivial.

Error Codes Are Your Friend

It doesn’t matter how difficult your issue is, once you can get something to give you an error code, you can sink to your knees and thank the kindly programmer who did their job properly. Error codes will help you enormously in narrowing down the cause of an issue. In many cases, the error code will give you an indication of the specific problem, but it might also be a more general indication, such as pointing to hardware failure but not specifying which bit of hardware.

Just Google it!

You would be surprised how easily most of the common issues that people run into with their tech are fixed. It is unlikely that you are the first and only person to run into a particular issue. A lot of the time, if you just type your issue into Google, you will find other people asking about the same problem.

The exception to this is when you are dealing with very new tech, in that case, it might take time for issues to widely emerge. Social media sites the rising star Emenator – you can visit Emenator here – have communities dedicated to a number of different subjects. These are a great place to find and post reports of issues with new tech.

Oh, and pro tip: by adding “solved” (including quotes) to your Google searches, your search will return all the forum threads for your issue that are marked as solved, saving you time.

Use Interactive Forums

If you can search for an error message and find a solution to your problem, that’s great. However, often a more in-depth search is required. Again, in some cases, you will get lucky and find someone that has not only had the same initial issue as you but has also had an exchange with someone who has helped them narrow down and solve the issue.

However, if you are struggling for a solution, then make a post yourself, either on a forum or on a social media page. Remember, the internet is an infinite expanse of geekiness, someone out there will be able to help you.

Once you have learned how to blag your way through tech supporting a few issues, be prepared for everyone to come to you for help. No matter how knowledgeable you are about tech in general, unless you work in specific fields, you are likely to encounter issues that are beyond your understanding every now and then. Once you learn how to find the right solutions, the process becomes second nature.


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