How to use Google Chrome’s secret guest profile features

We’ve already looked at how you can create and manage multiple user profiles in Chrome, but Google’s web browser is a program with many surprises—one of which is a beta feature that creates a generic guest profile that visitors can use to browse the web on your PC.

Guest profiles are a must for anyone who occasionally hands over their PC to others. With guest profiles, you won’t have to worry about your friends signing you out of Facebook and Gmail, futzing with your bookmarks, or spying some personal browsing habits you’d rather keep private.

The addition of guest profiles is yet another feature that is slowly migrating from Chrome OS to Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Guests on Chrome

Get started by copying and pasting the following line of text into Chrome’s address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-new-profile-management. Then, press Enter. This will open up a highlighted option called “Enable new profile management system.” Click the “Enable” link below the feature title.


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