I Cloud Hacked the Rumor on the Internet Flows Rapidly

The Legend Multinational Company an Apple faces the problem of their system to be hacked. It is not said by them officially but general circulated story about the Actor and actress nude Photos to be leaked from cloud storage makes the huge problem. Reportedly on 1st of the September this verifiable piece of information strike to the Internet and different unheard cause comes out of it.

In fact, the attack has been faced by 100 of stars of Holly hood. Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence’s including Mary Elizabeth, Kate Upton, and many other stars are in the critical problem they are facing in the present time. However, this humor brings some cases of the uncensored picture to be a real one because the actress said those photos were deleted a long time ago. This is creepy and all of them are fake. Clearly, they have no any way to say those pictures are not to be ours.

The Anonymous who are said to be as hacker claimed they have found it through I cloud account. Yet the name is not still tracked and who is behind the anonymous are still in the big challenge to be disclosed for the company itself. May they never knew the answer about the fault or some loop they have with their I cloud Server and database. Not only this, but some hacking forum criticized that the Video can also be disclosed if they have added to those hacked account and will again make the fire to the Internet.

Thousand of a website has published their picture on their website, indeed whether it is fake or is real are still to be finalized with the exact phenomenon of the happening of this biggest scandal through mastermind attackers. No one ever knows that Hacking can play so drastic role in the internet World on 2014. This is still the mysterious cause, that from where it has leaked.


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