Ideal Laptop Configurations for Bloggers

For bloggers, no other tool comes close to the importance of a laptop. Some people opt for a well-rounded workhorse, while others want a specialized piece of tech magic. Regardless, sluggish performance and malfunctions can impede bloggers’ ability to deliver fresh, timely content.  To enable thing to run smooth, they must muse on the perfect mix of features and specifications.

Rock and roll

computer-maintananceHome-bloggers and those who work from an office have more breathing room here, but battery life is paramount. Although modern technology has enabled us to write for hours on most laptops, this is not enough for everyone.  That is why a Chromebook is worth considering. They come with a lot of juice in them and a low price tag. Furthermore, devices like the Toshiba Chromebook 2 comes with an excellent keyboard, which is another essential feature for bloggers.

Pay attention if the laptop has SSD storage as well. It demands less energy, is more resistant to damage, and performs faster, so do not live under a standard hard drive rock. Also, it is a good idea to re-vamp the laptop every now and then, with storage or additional RAM memory. Finally, having to repair a laptop could mean a break in posting, which is something no blogger can allow to happen. Make an effort to find notebook parts as soon as possible, and get back on track if the worst happens.

The good, the light and the vivid

Blogging might not be such a power-hungry activity as graphic design. Still, bloggers need to use Microsoft Office programs, edit photos, create videos, etc. That being said, a blogger is not dependent on a specific platform. You can choose a MacBook, Chromebook or something else, depending on personal preferences, budget and lifestyle. Freedom of choice is a great thing, but there are some guidelines to follow.

One of the first things to access is the weight. This is particularly important for travel bloggers who should go feather-light. An 11 inch MacBook Air, for example, weights only 2.5 pounds, and is the weapon of choice for globetrotters. This laptop is a pioneer of the ultrabook class and the cream of the crop when it comes to writing on the go.  On the other hand, those who work mostly from home can easily tolerate a few extra grams.

A vivid and clear display is another important feature. Screens with an IPS (In-plane switching) and intense back lighting are preferable. And if you plan to do video clips and HD footage, then characteristics like mobility are secondary. Instead of MacBook Air, you should muse on laptops like the MacBook Pro. Extra horsepower is in the spotlight here: At least 8 HB of RAM, a dedicated video card and an Intel i5 processor or equivalent.

Needs and wants

There is no shortage of quality laptops for bloggers on the market today. Do you want a neat and light one to carry around or a heavier, sturdier desktop replacement? Whatever floats your boat, typing on it should feel natural and comfortable, and the display must be rich in color – think high resolution! A long battery life is always a plus, and last but not least, mind its processing power. The most important thing is that it fits your needs and aligns with your blogging activities.


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