Instagram content ideas to engage more followers

One of the most important things that tease you on Instagram is having fewer followers. You will see the majority of the users asking how to get more followers? And it is a very simple fact that having more followers means you have a good number of potential customers. Instagram is one of the major social networking sites in the world and has around 600 million active members monthly. It is the best social networking site when it comes to the engagement of brands with the audience and it is way ahead of all others including Facebook. Here are some ideas for you to produce better Instagram content in order to engage more followers.

Create Instagram stories to gain more followers

Instagram stories have been a hit since its release and it is a pretty cool way of sharing your pictures. You can make interesting Instagram stories to gain more followers because the story you make goes to the feed of the people and Instagram shows stories based on the people you follow, posts you like or the post liked by a large number of people. Accounts with excellent Instagram stories get featured on the explore page as well.  So if you can make some interesting and versatile Instagram stories, it will help you engage more followers.

Hold an Instagram contest

Holding an Instagram contest is one of the best ways to engage more audience with your account. Who doesn’t like free things? It attracts people very quickly and raises your followers in no time. Well, you might not like the idea of giving something away but trust us it will be worth it. The number of potential customers will increase. It will not feel like you gave anything away for free. So this way you can host contests daily or weekly and you can ask your audience to like and/or comment on the post to join the contest.

Use Hashtags

You can always use hashtags in your posts in order to get free Instagram followers. There are many other ways to increase followership in your profile. And one of the easiest ways that I recommend is that you buy some followers from companies like Vibbi.

Using trending hashtags will help you reach out the more and more people. However, you shouldn’t use hashtags excessively. So do use specific hashtags that are relevant and are not too long.

Make your own Instagram style

Well if you develop your own style of your Instagram sharing, it will make you stand out. Producing unique content in your own style will make you look stylish and that way whenever someone sees your posts, they will know. And when you are unique, you will be more attractive to Instagram users. You can add unique visual content that would only be your style; it could be a particular type of graphics or a certain type of videos, or it could also be some creativity. So draw your Instagram account in your own style, because being unique means being exceptional.


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