iOS or Android can you finalize which one is Best?

iOS and android are the two most popular mobile platforms and each has its own strengths. Deciding which one is better solely depends on your need. If security is of greater concern to you, then an iOS would suit your requirement but if you want your phone or tablet to have easily customizable features at low price, then Android will be a good buy.

Have you already made up your mind? If your answer is no, then continue reading as discussed below is a brief overview of the strengths of each.

Why you should consider iOS?

All the products by Apple: the iPods, iPhones and let’s not forget the iPad, runs on iOS. This OS is quite powerful, easy to interact with and has clean menu system. Though it is infamous for its lack of customization, the background and themes can be changed and the icons be easily rearranged.

One primarily reason of considering an iOS over Android is that iOS will always work. In an iOS, whenever an app crashes, you wouldn’t need to reboot your iPhone. All you need to do is restart the app whereas in Android, an application crash may force you to reboot the phone.

From a developer point of view, it is easier to develop apps for iOS than for Android. Developing android apps is hard since android being a fragmented OS, most of the devices don’t run on latest versions and hence, developing becomes tough.

If security is your primary concern, then iPhone is your best buy. No doubt iOS is more secured than Android. All apps that you find in the App Store are manually scrutinized and validated before they are made available for downloading. Also know that apps cannot access the OS directly and hence your iPhone or iPad will always be free from malicious contents.

In case your iOS device gets lost or stolen, it can be easily tracked as theft protection software is pre-installed within the OS itself. There are many android apps which do this task, but one cannot always depend on them.

Why you should consider Android?

It can be easily customized and you can gain full control by rooting the device. Also, new technologies are integrated at a faster pace than iOS.

While iOS is associated only with Apple devices, you can get android phones form different manufacturers at variable prices.

And if you are on a strict budget, then android is your best choice.

iOS vs Android

Each OS has its own features that make it distinctive. And picking the right one for yourself depends on your needs.


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