iPhone 6 is Amazingly Breathtaking

Apple just never misses to come with a bang, with launch of the Apple iPhone 6 last year; the company proved that it still leads the race. The phone, according Apple itself is not just bigger, but also much better. The phone which has a larger interface than the previous models of the company is remarkably thin. The phone has an amazingly smooth metal surface and is just the perfect blend of awesome software and remarkable hardware. The model is good about 4.7 inches, while the Plus version comes to 5.5 inches.

Outstanding Display

It is not just that the phone is big, but it also makes it entirely worthwhile with the Retina HD display which is one of the most advanced multi touch display that the company has ever floated amongst the ever so eager consumers, and being thin also helps the cause a lot more. There is sRGB color standard, and with higher contrast and exemplary brightness, you just have the right phone in your hands. Even with the wider angles, with the dual domain pixels, your images never go distorted, and can be enjoyed with amazing clarity. The display has taken note of the fact that you go out in the sun, and so no stressing your eyeballs while glaring at your phone outdoors.

The iPhone 6 is also efficient in terms of energy and performance. With the new A8 chip built into the phone, running on a desktop version 64 bit, and with M8 motion coprocessor, you get brilliance in terms of performance. The phone gives an extended battery life. One can play high intensive games and yet not worry about having a dying battery life in no time, pretty excellent performance in all those terms for this Apple phone now. The phone has rooted within itself 2 billion transistors working towards delivery the high adrenaline performance that the user deserves so well.

The iPhone 6 gives promising results when it comes to capturing breathtaking images and wonderful videos all the time. As always it is not possible for people to be disappointed with the cameras fitted to the Apple phones. There is the addition of technology which helps you take HD videos at your own pace, 60 fps, 240 fps and slo mo, what more; you also have the time lapse video option in the phone. All of this becomes more amazing with the Retina HD display. The 8MP iSight camera, gives improved face detection and control of the exposure. The focus pixels help you get just the right image, with autofocus doing the job just right.

Apart from all the amazing features discussed above, the phone also boasts of super fast connection which makes you feel you have the ability to connect to any network, and amazing download speed. The advanced wireless technology lets you connect even faster and better now. Getting the phone is actually a good idea for the kill that you make with the amazing performances and features of this hauntingly beautiful phone.


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