iPhone 7 gives users a more intuitive interface

Apple fixes one of its biggest obstacles through a more intuitive phone experience

In the past one of the issues which surrounded the iPhone and Apple products in general is that they were too complex for some of the general market. If you were not already accustom to the Apple interface and to their menu set up as well as to their sub-menus, scrolling icons, etc. then you would be at a slight disadvantage when taking on the iPhones. Granted, the phones have come a long way and the interface has shifted more to the (shall I say) Android based norm. With the introduction of the iPhone 7, the user interface gets even more intuitive closing the gap between the MAC and PC user even further.

More contrast for easier surface display

According to a 3D render by Martain Hajek, the new iPhone 7 may be available in a dark blue metallic option. Since the phone and the exterior work side by side in order to give the screen a functional appearance, the dark blue would do well to create a positive and negative space that accents the icon screen. This would be a welcome change to the Rose Pink and Silver options which seem to dilute the icons on the screen in the current phones. Whether this development is actually planned for the production of the iPhone 7 or whether the 3D rendering is just a conceptualization dream is yet to be seen. However, the buzz around these images does lead the viewer to believe that at least strong considerations are being given to the color design.

iPhone 7 gets a complexly Redesigned User Interface

According to Apple, the new iPhone 7 has a new interface that features better Multitasking features, improved Control Center, iTunes Radio, a better notification center, and of course the ability to use the phone with Apple Play on compatible infotainment systems and phones. When looking at the image releases of the Apple phone, it is clear that the icons and overall layout has fully embraced the design of other such popular brands such as the Samsung Galaxy 5 (which is not Apple based).

It makes sense that the company would shift to a more neutral standard in its interface design. If the company can make customer’s minds shift from the Android based platform to consider the Apple platform the company will see an increase in sales. Additionally, the Apple’s key features which make their laptops and computers so appealing will shine through. Specifically:

  • The emphasis on graphics and clearer picture (this is why a great many graphic artists prefer the apple to the mac). If apple caters their graphics to their apps and makes the switch intuitive, gamers may want to switch to the IOS based system over the Android.
  • The storage capacities
  • The diversity and cross sharing of materials to other programs. One of the major problems which plagues the phone market is the freezing and lockup of interfaces when multiple apps are accessed. The iPhone 7 minimizes this with their focus on the multitasking feature of the phone. Additionally, the ability to quickly switch between apps and features adds to the intuitive design and user experience redesign.

More media oriented iPhone

The iPhone 7 has expanded upon the photo and video capacities of the phone allowing for more organization and easier access to such features. When considering the 3D renderings which have surfaced of the Apple iPhone 7, the camera has been given a less obscured area dedicated to the lense. The camera, as expected, has a been highlighted with more structuring around the lens as well as accent features on the case itself.


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