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home securityYour family’s safety should be your top priority when you are planning to look for a new house to live in. They say it is better to invest your money with a house that has security cabling all over it. Now, kids if you are reading this and you think this idea sucks, then you better look at it the good way because mom and dad just wants to keep you away from harm.

Let’s just say you have not found a house with CCTV cabling, but you found one that you are comfortable to purchase right away. If it does not have any, then it should not cost you much to use up all the money that’s left to install your home security cameras. Good ones of course.

If you don’t know how to install CCTV cabling in your home, here’s a tutorial you can follow.

Now that you have already learned how to install CCTV cabling (If you watched the video), let’s talk about which are the best places you can install your cameras at home.This is a crucial question that needs a lot of thinking. Next is, what are the most vulnerable spots in your property? Where do you think burglars would force their way in? You should always keep those places in mind.

Here are five spots where you should ALWAYS install a home surveillance camera:

1.Front Door

It was stated in a blog form that 34% of all burglars intrude your home through the front door. To avoid that, you better install a camera there where you can see first who’s knocking at your door or who’s trying to destroy it.

  1. Back Door

The other 22% of them pass through the back door because it’s the place where people at home least go to at night or even in the morning. If you have side doors consider it as a back door too. Stop thinking about how expensive it would get and think about how to keep your family safe away from them.

  1. Rear Windows

If they see it is hard to pass through your doors, they would really consider getting in through you windows. Think more advanced than those burglars and train your cameras on any area of your home where windows are not viewed from the street.

  1. Backyard

Let’s say you live in a kinda big property and you have a backyard. You surely would think they’ll pass through your backyard gates right? So install cctv cabling cameras there. Maybe put one near the gate and one more outside the back door fronting your backyard.

  1. Basement stairs

Most New York residents have access doors or hatches that are large enough for an individual to crawl in to the basement. Basically, this is the easiest spot they can get into because they wont expect any security cameras inside it. With that idea, it would be easier for you to decide that you should place one inside that basement area.

Now, you are all set to keeping your home safe from intruders. It may cost you much but always remember our family’s life is priceless. The way of life is fast changing and it feels like everything is upgrading even housebreaker is on the next-level of law-breaking. It’s all up to us to take on our advantage the technology the world has to offer to protect our home and our possessions.

Who would have predict that at the middle of our peaceful night something might happen. Let’s all get on our hip to be always prepared and secured.

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