Own an iPhone 8? Try these 7 iMessage apps, sticker packs, games for iOS 11

iMessage has received a decent makeover with iOS 11. Many new features have been added. It is now more fun and more useful. In this article we take a look at top iMessage games you can play on your iPhone 8 which runs on iOS 11. Keep reading!


This is a sticker you are going to love. It is certainly evoke the feeling of nostalgia. After all, Mario has been the favorite childhood game of millions around the world. Nintendo has already introduced Mario game app on iOS. However, besides the game, you can now toss around some cool Mario stickers in your conversations. You can paste the sticker anywhere in your conversation. In fact, you can also send a selfie featuring Marios iconic moustache and hat overlaying your face. Cool! Isn’t it?


If you are looking for an interactive sticker than can, well, bomb the face, try this sticker out. The best thing about this sticker collection is that it offers interactive stickers. This is where all the fun comes from. All you have to do is drag the sticker and drop it over any photo or image in the conversation. You can also resize the sticker by dragging it by two fingers. It’s not just the images you can paste this sticker on; you can put it over a text message as well.



A Game of Thrones fan? Well, who is not! So, if you are one, here is your chance to have some fun with the stickers from Martin’s very popular A Song of Ice and Fire. This collection has got everything from Game of Thrones you can ask for. Whether you are looking for catchy phrases or stickers of the house sigils, it has it all. You can also pick stickers of the weapons used in the series including Valyrian Steel. Just drag and drop the sticker on any image you like and have fun.


Well, not all the stickers are free and Grammar Snob is among the paid ones. It will cost you $1. But, if you happen to be a Grammar Nazi who tends to correct the spelling and grammar of your friends, then you would definitely not mind paying the fee for this app. It is an app, as you may have already guessed, and not a sticker. What this app does is pretty simple. It will highlight the errors in your friend’s message by writing over it in the handwritten font.


The much awaited peer to peer payment app from Apple now comes to iMessage. Yes! With iOS 11.2, Apple Pay has been integrated to iMessage. So, if you need to send the money to your friend or someone in the family, you will not have to exit iMessage and open Apple Pay separately. You can do it from within iMessage. That not only saves you time but also effort. It is more convenient now. Apple Pay money can be used to make merchant payments wherever it is accepted. The money can also be sent to a bank account.


If you are someone who likes to regularly send GIFs then I would recommend GIF keyboard to you. This keyboard has a huge collection of GIF images in various categories. This keyboard also lets you send stickers to others. You can easily search for the type of GIF you are looking for.

  1. Words With Friends

This game looks a lot like Scrabble and it is all about forming words and playing with your friends. You receive a set of letters and the objective is to score higher than your friend. The game is great fun, especially if you love words and spellings.

iMessage saw several enhancements with iOS 11. It is now more intuitive and more fun. I hope that you enjoyed reading this Content.

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