Points to Consider When Choosing an SEO Company

We have established the fact in the previous articles that we need SEO to have a strong presence online. A successful SEO campaign can build your online reputation. Some companies want to build their SEO team. However, this undertaking is expensive and may take longer. Another alternative is to hire an SEO company.

According to a reliable website that tracks down the growth of digital marketing companies, there are about 10,000 advertising agencies offering search engine optimization. With so many SEO firms out there, how can you choose the one that would meet your goals?

Don’t worry, we have made a list of pointers that you should consider when choosing a Bangkok SEO company. Let’s get right through it.

#1. Experience

When looking for an SEO company, take a look at its years in the industry. An established company has more than ten years of successful experience in working with businesses for their SEO. With this number of years under its belt, you have the assurance that they have improved and refined their SEO practices.

Many unsuccessful SEO startups did not stay long for more than five years and fizzled out. The rest who stayed have weathered the storm and beat their competitors. And they have results to prove that.

#2. Expertise

With more tens of thousands of digital marketing companies that offer their SEO services, it is better to choose an SEO agency. The reason is simple, they specialize in managing search engine optimization and it is the primary service that they offer. In the world of marketing services, a firm can offer all the services under the umbrella, but without specialization, they cannot scale their business. Look for an agency that offers SEO as their primary service.

#3. Case Studies

Ask for the company’s case studies on organizations that are related to your sector. It should provide the data on key performance indicators, including the following: achievement of targets (organic), organic traffic, and impressions. There are also additional SEO KPIs to watch out for like the visibility search and chart and calls, directions, and website clicks. The results may vary depending on the size of the company and the industry, but it should show improvements between 50 to 300 percent.

#4. Reviews

Look at the quantity and quality of reviews. For your convenience, look for companies with more than 30 ratings on Google, and these reviews should span for a minimum of five years. Beware of agencies with plenty of reviews in a short amount of time; they are bogus.

A well-established SEO agency will most likely have negative reviews from time to time. It is a sign of an honest company that doesn’t want to scrub negative impressions about them.

#5. Link Building Strategy

If you ask an SEO specialist about what the most important aspects of search engine optimization are, they will tell you that it’s link building strategy. That is the reason why it is important to choose a firm that would offer a white hat linking method.

What is white hat linking? That means linking without the use of bots, forum links, comment links, etc. Your prospect should offer link building that upholds standards. The links should be from websites with domain authority. You should look for a Bangkok SEO company with a varied approach to link building and can incorporate a diverse method of building links.

#6. On-Page SEO Strategy

An excellent SEO campaign starts with on-page SEO. You should ask the SEO company you are hiring about the on-page SEO strategy. This company should be able to present to you a checklist of what they will be implementing for your campaign.

#7. Keyword Research and Integration Strategy

Keywords are critical for SEO and it sets the start of every SEO campaign. Go for an SEO company who takes great pains understanding your organization. The specialist should also discuss with you how he or she is going to use this information and convert it into a search. Know what the metrics they use to know the best keyword to optimize. Another critical point to watch out for is the Bangkok SEO company’s understanding of the competition. This is important in positioning your SEO campaign to target the right audience.

#8. Content Strategy

In the online world, content rules. Needless to say, it is the most important part of search engine optimization. When hiring an SEO company, ask them about their content strategy for your company. The best approach is to ask this company how they are going to optimize the content about your products or services. You should also ask about the blogging strategy. In SEO, strategic optimization of content composes a larger part of the SEO campaign.

#9. Reports and Consultation Methods

Reports can be boring to look at, especially if you cannot comprehend what it means. When talking to your prospect, ask them about their reports, and how they discuss its contents with their clients. A good SEO company should give you access to the SEO reports and look at the KPIs.

#10. Client Retention Rate

Our final point that you should be looking for in a Bangkok SEO company is their client retention rate. This is a good gauge of how the company is handling its services and keeping their clients. Asking the prospect with a direct question about their retention rate will give you only a percentage metric. The best question to ask is how long an average client works with the company. You will get several months, and the most ideal would be an average of a year and a half to two.

Final Thoughts

These are the points that you should consider when choosing a Bangkok SEO company. It will help you land with a good firm that can deliver the results you are after.