Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Network Lovers has a commitment to providing the latest technology news. We Networlovers provide the most recent network and technology news and update our portal on a regular basis.  Our Privacy Policy section describes what kind of information we gather, how we collect data, how we share information, how our blog users can change our way to collect their information and how to access their data available in our portal.

Our Privacy Mission   

Network Lovers is very conscious about your right to privacy.  We collect more than a few categories of data from our users. We ensure that this privacy policy section helps you to know all terms and conditions behind our information collection and usage.

Information Collection and usage   

We collect users’ personal information during the registration process and in some areas of our portal where users provide necessary information. We make use of this information only for feedback and editorial purposes. There is no need to give personal information to access our portal and read our technology news.

In general, our users have given their name, address, email address and phone number.  We may collect your personal information from other portals and add this information to your personal information in our portal.

Once we have collected your personal information, we access and use this information to enhance our portal online as per your feedbacks and other promotional purposes. We are attentive to collect information to know how people use our portal. For example, we focus on what kinds of documents are viewed and what pages are visited by users.

We get an overview from this information and make necessary changes in our portal to give you a personalized user experience every time.  We use your personal information to contact you directly and make clear your doubts about any technology news revealed in our portal.

We also welcome you to the latest news, respond to the information request, explain new products and services, communicate with you about network news and other purposes as per your requirements.

We are not responsible for your information that you have given in the discussions in our blog in particular publicly accessible interaction. We provide aggregated demographic information to our sponsors on a regular basis. However, this aggregated information does not include personally identifiable data.

We may share personal information with some leading companies with a dedication to providing the most valuable news about the technology and the network that might interest you. You can feel free to modify your registration information from anywhere at any time.

What data we provide to third parties

We provide mailing lists, statistical reports, email deployment, data analysis, webcasts, white papers, contests, prize draws, sweepstakes, competitions, speed test results and online data.

What you can customize  

You can change or control cookies, digital advertising alliances, pixel tags, your personal information updates, newsletter, email subscriptions, subscription information, stop sharing of lists and push notifications as per your requirements. You can make contact with our customer support team at any time and clarify your doubts regarding any aspect of this privacy policy section.