Samsung has developed new era of Wi-Fi Technology 1 GB in 3 second

The new Trend with the new technology never ends. Day after day the new technologies are implemented with huge change including some unbelievable Wow like Features.  As it is not fix that which device is fixed with limited tech information and updates. We all are in the era of Beyond Imagination in which non imaginary things are rolling out before our eyes revealed to one Tech Updates.

However Presently, Samsung has claimed that they have developed the Wi-Fi Technology which will Flow Wi-Fi data up to 1 GB in 3 second.  This is 5 times more speed than the Present status of wireless data to be sent.  Samsung engineer also claimed that they have found the obstacle of wireless fidelity which was unknown for many years. In fact Samsung said it takes some time to inbuilt in the latest Gadget.  The team is working on 60 GHZ band to be developed as soon as possible so that it can be implemented to many of the Gadget easily.

Indeed it is expected to launch in the year 2015. This New Network technology will plays very important role in Television, Medical Organization, Phone, and Smart Home Appliances Etc.


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