Samsung Note 4 a leading Smartphone

In today’s highly competitive Smartphone market every smart phone brand is trying to gain attention of customers. They are adding many new features to their smart phones so that people choose their brand. Samsung is one of the leading smart phone selling brands in the market. It is also a leading brand of many electronic products like, TV, gadgets, accessories and many other items. Samsung Note 4 is a recently launched smart phone, which has grabbed attention of millions of smart phone seekers. It is an android platform based smart phone and offering many wonderful features. The camera quality and processor is simply great. Let’s check some more details about Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

HD screen:

It is what makes Samsung Note 4 one of the most required smart phones in the market. It is offering you 5.7 inches Quad HD super AMOLED display. The unique selling point of this display is that you will feel the true colors in your hands. Images will be much clear and picture quality will be like a high definition LCD TV. Touch is highly functional and the screen is large enough to watch HD videos in it. The HD screen of Galaxy Note 4 is the main attraction of this Smartphone, which has offered it an awesome image in the market.

High capacity battery:

Almost smart phone users face battery problems in their Smartphone. There are many brands of smart phones, which provide impressive features, but their smart phones’ battery power remains only for a few hours. There is no such issue with Samsung Note 4 Smartphone. It is available with a fast charging battery, which charges 0-50% in just 30 minutes. Thus, you can assume the full charging time. You can watch videos; talk longer on calls and listen music for a very long time without getting worried about the battery.

High quality camera:

While people go for buying the smart phone, they can compromise with the battery power of the Smartphone, but not with the camera quality. Today’s smart phones are coming with high quality cameras and Samsung Note 4 is one step ahead from all other smart phones. It is offering 16megapixel smart OSI back camera. It is an impressive feature for all because people can capture a lot of moments with their true color and true feel. There is no need to be worried of dark because the camera offers same quality’s images in dark also. You will also get a 3.7MP front camera to make video calls and take selfies.

Samsung Note 4 is precisely competing with other brands in the market and its features are representing it as one of the best smart phones available in the market. 20 hours’ battery backup and Kitkat 4.4.4 platform makes it a wonderful smart phone. You can download multiple apps and store many songs in it because this smart phone is available with 32GB internal memory and 3GB ram. If you are in mood of buying this smart phone, then prefer buying it online. Thus, you will get Samsung Note 4 in discount rates with some impressive offers.


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